April 20, 2009

Pictures Galore...

These are pictures of my grandkids wearing the hats from the cute hats/oneies sets that Kristy in Australia sent. Little Grace didn't want to wear her's so Cameron decided he would. Oh, and that is also the kids mom... my oldest daughter, 2nd oldest child.

And here is a project that I've been working on a bit here and there, when I've been in the mood. It's a Mr/Mrs Snowman... Mrs. is done. I used this pattern and some scraps of sherpa fleece that I had from a quilt I made.

And last but far from all... here are a couple more pictures of my stash of fabric/patterns. The patterns are in the 3 bins on the floor of the closet... that's what I get from working at a fabric store for the years that I did. Plus there are some 30 or more in another basket under another shelf.

O.K. so now that you can see what a mess I have and what it takes to just get into the room sometimes... (granted it's not always... that messy!) you might understand why I need to get rid of a few things and get a few projects done so I can have more room! Take care... don't run out of thread... cause it always happens at night when the fabric stores are closed!


calicodaisy said...

Hey Jean: It's fun to see your family and your sewing area!
-- Michele

Kristy Chan said...

oh yay! photos! your grandkids and daughter are just gorgeous - but where is a photo of yourself? I've just realised I have no idea what you look like!