April 20, 2009

Another Date To Write Down In My Journal....

So, I'm highly motivated to get "MORE EXERCISE" cause this is the only way weight is going to move around and hopefully drop off of me!!! So I used the "gazelle" for 45 minutes on Saturday and went walking today! 3.2 miles... not bad for a couple of mature ladies... lol... I say that because 1.there were 3 of us. and 2. it makes me feel good cause I the "youngster" of the 3. and 3. I'm the one that they ask to hold onto if and when the need arises. 4. we don't need any broken anythings....
Today my friend Karma (such a sweetie) gave me what is called a "pioneer pocket". She makes them every onces't in a while. Basically it is a pocket that you tie around your waste. The pioneer women used them because apparently they didn't have pockets in their skirts and this way they just transferred the pocket with the contents onto the article of clothing that they wore.

O.k. just on a thought... I tried something else with my photo's to see if it would work.... and believe it or not it works!!! I'm sooo excited! So First of all here is a picture of the "pioneer pocket" that Karma gave to me.

O.K. so you people are in trouble..... there's NO stopping me now!!!!

About 2 inches down from the center of the pocket there is an opening... that goes until oh... around 3 inches from the bottom. Plus sewn inside is a piece of elastic... which you can see, it has a snap on it to attach a pair of snips or scissors. Karma and her daughter Sally teach the Quilt in A Day Quilt making... so she says this is the best thing in the world for her. She is always going from person to person helping and all it takes is to put your snips down one time and you can't find them! So, this is what she uses.
You can make your own pattern, as big or as small as you would like... make a general almost tear drop without the top part so narrow... with a back (I noticed she used old denim jeans) and then you make 2 full front parts that you will put good to good and sew a straight stitch up from the bottom middle to where you want to stop... and then again from the area (however large you want the opening to the top edge. Turn right sides out so opening is in the middle, and press. Now if you want too, you can place a narrow piece of elastic into the seam allowance at the top between the layers. This piece of elastic has a snap sewn so that one part of the snap is at the end of the elastic and then around 3/4 of an inch in sew the other part of the snap. This will hold your snips. Then place the front onto the back pin together and sew seam binding all around the lower edges leaving the top free. Now, measure enough seam binding to enable you to tie the pocket around your waist.... And finish it up! You can do all sorts of fun stuff with this. Karma showed me another one she had made herself... she made it into a crazy quilt type block before she sewed it onto the front. It could be a great way to showcase some different decorative stitches... hand or machine!

O.K. as far as my weight... I had a sweet tooth last week and made what is like Yummy Zonkers in the store... or for you who don't know what those are... it's basically a sweetened popcorn not Carmel... but just as good! I pigged out and now of course... I have to suffer the consequence's... Which means that I've gain a couple pounds back that I lost... I want to get past this and onto a better loss record. Guess I need to work harder!

A while back I said that I would post some of my before pictures of my sewing room and well I've straightened (that's a word meaning I did some and not a lot of finding out where things are again!) but it will always need more. It's my room and if DH doesn't like the way it looks... well he just stays away from it... probably a lot safer for him too... We wouldn't want him getting lost in there! I might never find him!

More later...

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