April 7, 2009

It's Package Time

For those of you out there who travel thru cyber space a lot... come with me to visit a friend in Australia.... http://loweryourpresserfoot.blogspot.com/ to visit Kristy... what a sweetie! I must tell of the sweetness she sent to my house on Friday. The mail guy (I say guy... cause it's usually very automatic for me to say mailman... which we have had for a long time... but in fact we have also had a mail "lady" or gal too... I assume everyone is a gentleman or lady until proven otherwise, but I do want to stipulate... for the record... that here, I am saying mail guy!!!!) actually got out of the truck!!!! and you know when they do that... (we are in fact considered a rural route... so mail personal drive the route instead of walk) get out of the truck... that something fun is going to happen! Package time!!!!! Yep.... it was package time as Jean's house..... I didn't even know who it was for yet... but I was ready... poor guy! I practically jumped on that package when I opened the door! And mind you, I had to wait til he got back into the truck, cause I was still in my robe.... don't be putting down my robe... it keeps me nice and toasty on these chilly mornings. Terry is our friend!! As in terry cloth! See it's warm, comfy, cuddly... need I say more? He was back in the truck and taking off when I pounced!!! He did glance my way... I was hoping that I didn't really see a shudder out of him, but you know... poor guy probably took one look and that was all he wrote.... get me outta here!!!!! Phewwww, safe at the next mail box! Long story, a tad bit shorter... the package was for me!!!!! Yeah... well sorta! At least it had my name on it! Kristy had sent a package for my two newest grand kids.... she sent these darling little oneies w/hats ... one with a kangaroo on the front with a tiny little tot bag... and a little kangaroo on the tot, plus a stuffed kaga on the front of it, and the other one has a koala bear... on it. Sooo very sweet of her! The card she sent is really neat too! It has these 3 gals with these wonderful dresses on... just neat! Now of course I would post pictures... put as you know... this too is just not happening. Now I tried some more.... I even tried posting pictures that I have posted in the past thinking it had to do with something I did later when I added new pictures from my camera. No such luck... one of these days... we will have sooo many pictures your going to think it's a slide show and your going to say to yourself.... MAKE IT STOPPPPP! But that is not today! Anyways, I wanted to let everyone know what a sweetheart Kristy is and to make sure she knows how much I appreciate her thinking of my littlest grand kids. My DD and I put the hats on them, but Grace (great name hmmm?) kept pulling it off so grand son Cameron put it on him... never one to let a good picture moment (him, not me... I always forget!) Cameron wanted to get in on the act of the pictures too. Everything is fun, when you put kids into the play! Thank you again, Kristy... your the best!

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Kristy Chan said...

Hi Jean, I'm glad getting the present was as good as the present itself! I was pretty excited to get your parcel out of the blue too, and everyone who has a stickybeak into Anna's cot always comment on how great the quilt you made is. Love your stories, they are so funny and I can't wait to see more photos of your grandkids