April 20, 2010

What's That Old Saying, You Can Count On Death And Taxes

Well, at least the taxes are done! Hopefully I'm not quite to the point of the other one!
Things have been a bit hectic around here to say the least. But every now and then something gets accomplished and well that's a good thing.... (as Martha says, lol now I really could care less what "Martha" does or says. That is her business, but that is "her" catch phrase so I will just give credit where credit is due.) I finished my little GD's dress's. And here, is proof!
I should have taken a picture with her in them. But I was scrampling to get over to her mommy's house to help put a swing set together so I just grabbed the dresses and no camera.
I just found out that the neck on this red one is a bit big for her, so her mommy is going to tighten up the elastic a little.

And of course this is the one that was going to be an Easter dress, but when I cut my finger it made it harder to do right away. You really have to look closely to see that it is an Easter print, eggs, bunnies etc... but it will look cute on her. Maybe a picture some other time. Too funny, her daddy was just telling me the other day that the people who take care of GD in the nursery at Church were saying that they hardly ever see GD in the same dress twice. This gal is always excited to see what GD is wearing each week. Oops! Now that's not totally my fault! But she does look cute in dresses!
One other thing that I finished for a friend didn't actually have anything to do with using the sewing machine. You may have seen some of the patterns that will give you measurements to cut out pieces to make some things with? This pattern is for an apron. It's really cute, but since this friend is 89 years old, she was having trouble trying to figure out what and how to do this. So, I've made her pattern pieces to go with the pattern. Hopefully it will make it a bit easier for her to cut these aprons out. To see the apron pattern go here:
http://www.vanillahousedesigns.com/p132-four-corners-apron/#more-112 I could probably just take a picture of the pattern front, but it does say on the back not to make any reproductions of it. So, I will just let you go look if you are interested.
Don't sew with dull needles... it snags the material! I tell you this because I keep forgetting to change mine!

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Ravenhill said...

Those are the sweetest dresses Jean! You are a very talented seamstress. I have the same pattern toon but have only made a simpler version of it without the ruffles. I really like the pattern.

Funny that you also got hit by a late spring snow storm too! I hope we are finished with all that cold and white fluff for awhile now! We need some sunshine.

Happy day to you!
hugs from Emily