April 15, 2010

Last But Not Least, Some Sewing Does Get Done Around Here

Before all the rig-a-ma-roll over my figure, I was working on several projects. I was going to cut out a dress or two for DGD. That didn't happen until afterwards... and well it took longer than I had planned. You try cutting out fabric around pattern pieces with a finger sticking straight out! It tended to get into the way a bit! LoL... but that part is all done now. The dress isn't made yet, but I plan on working on that sometime tomorrow.

Her is the pattern that I'm using Simplicity 5895 view A I believe it is. The pink one.
And here are the fabric's the plaid is a cute and bright fun one. The other piece is turned the wrong way... (sorry about that) is an old Daisy Kingdom piece. It will be lined with a pink fabric to show off the print better.

Everything is cut out.
For today, I'm doing a hem on a prom dress for a friends granddaughter. We shall see if I get a picture or not.
I almost forgot!
Here is the basket of strings (strips) that I was working on when the "unfortunate accident" happened! I did get a bunch done on it, even with finger pointing going on! I decided it would be easier if I just used scissors! So I did! This is no small basket either! It's picnic basket size at least! Sad thing is, this didn't even put a dent into the stash!

And then the next picture is some of the string quilt blocks that I made. I put a black variety into the middle section. These were pieces that I had left over from when I made DD#3's wedding quilt. But the pattern is neat because you can turn them in different directions for different effects. I made the muslin backing pieces 5 inch squares. You could make what ever size you wanted. It's a great way to use up your scraps!

Alright! That is it. I'm all caught up on what I've been doing in the sewing room.... that of course is not all I've been up too!
Last weekend DH and I had some fun hanging out under the kitchen sink replacing the faucet! Yep! And it doesn't even leak!
Make sure you have either resharpened rotary cutter blades or a new one on your pinking rotary cutter... it's the pits to try to use them and only get the cutter to work ever so often!
Hope that your days are filled with joy and/or sewing!

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calicodaisy said...

Those strings look great! I have to make more, too. -- michele