April 15, 2010

Playing Blog Catch-Up

For those of you who do not like to see things like stitches etc... you may as well not even look at this post... your not really missing anything. Really! Just a couple of pictures of my finger that got cut. One has stitches and there is one after they are taken out! So... if you are squeamish you don't even need to read this one!
Things do get busy when your behind sometimes. For those of you who like pictures... these are the before and after of my finger stitches.... before as in when I had the stitches and after... hmmm, yes, that would be after I got them out. Oh, and sorry that the first one is a bit blurry... it was after I took off the wrappings and for some reason I couldn't get it non-blurry... yet the second one is not. Go Figure!
At this point I was trying to bend it, because it was super stiff from being straight and pointing at everything/everyone for 10 days!
I'm now where I can bend it and pretty much flex it pretty well. As you can read.... I'm typing again! (Which to me seems to tell me that it is much more flexable... probably was the best thing I could do to help recover!) O.K. that's that... on to more interesting things.

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