April 15, 2010

Wait! What Happened To Spring?

Last week everything was all pretty and Spring was popping out all over and then over-night we got this! DH and I woke up bright and early, and it had turned cold with beautiful (it's always pretty to us!) snow coming down on the dog as she did her early morning potty break! She came into the house with snow all over her coat. It's my job to make sure she gets wiped off. You should see how she looks at me when I get a towel out! I don't let her come upstairs until it's done and she is more than ready to get up to the warmer area's of the house.

A couple of weeks ago, (I'm still trying to play catch up!) just b/4 DD#1's birthday, we girls got together to go shopping! What's not to like? We took her to Ross's (for those of you who don't know Ross's is a discounted store that somehow gets all (well some) of the things that weren't selling at the major department stores and sells them at a huge discount!) to see what we could find for her some of her birthday presents. Her sisters go through and pick out all sorts of things clothing wise for her to try on and we have a great time having her model stuff for us! You are only allowed 8 pieces each person to go into the dressing rooms.... and believe it or not with the 4 of us... we had exactly 32 pieces! It was a hoot really! These girls are not brutal, which is helpful. But being sisters they are a big help to one another and point out what works and what doesn't!
Too funny, last year b/4 a family reunion I took them (o.k. so they dragged me!) to Penney's to find a bathing suit for me! I won't go into the embarrassing details about how we finally came to a deciding factor but, we now keep an eye on DD#3! (You know who you are! We love you!!!) It's a lot of fun, with lots of laughing goes on. And I'm sure more than once people asked to have a different changing room! Enough said!
All and all we had a great time... as is always the factor when you get the 4 of us together.
Afterwards we ran over to Cafe Rio for some dinner. Good Mexican food. They don't want pictures taken inside the cafe.... so, so be it! No pictures of all the lovely food... yum! I'm suggesting next time we just go somewhere for a dessert! Or as my friend Karma calls it.... Non dinner!
I had fun... and hopefully I will be excused for any embarrassment I might have caused the other 3! It happens to everyone! I will leave it delicately at that!
Next post... I have been doing some sewing! What I was doing when I cut myself!

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Cindy said...

Ok Ok.... you help adjust someone's bathingsuit and you never live it down. Goodness! :P