May 8, 2010


I am posting a day early.... but, better early than my semi-usual late.
It's Mother's Day, and whether that brings back all sorts of memories (hopefully all good) or it's just a wonderfully relaxing day I hope that it will be a good one for you and all the mother's and future mother's out there.

I spoke to my mother last night. We have been playing phone tag all week and so we finally caught up and got to sit and visit for a while. Thanks mom for taking the time to track me down again!
My mom is one of the great women in the world. She is kind and loving and very supportive. Her journey through life has been in the company of a loving husband. (that would be my dad) Hopefully she doesn't really remember the trials that I personally put her through... (we won't go there!!!) and being as I want to make this day as wonderful as she is I won't bring any of those things up either! When I became a mom I knew that although I was a bit nervous about it all, (taking a tiny little baby home and caring for him was a bit scary) I knew that my mom was planning on coming to see us and helping out for a while! That was far more of a comfort then I think she knew. Just having my mom there meant that if or should I say when, I made a mistake... she would be there to back me up and help me make it right! My mom in her work a-day life was a court reporter. You know, the people you would see in the court room during a trial that take down everything you do or say. I know that it was a challenge for her. I'm sure that there were times that she just wanted to chuck it all and tell someone to go suck an egg! (ahem.... oh, well that is more like me not mom!) But as far as I know, she never did that. People came from far and wide to ask for her help and she would give it. She was Relief Society President twice while still working full time. She hadn't been a member of our Church for very long before she was asked to take on this responsibility. But, she did it and did a great job each time. Always there to comfort, console and sustain the members of her ward and stake she set a great example to me and to my family. (dad is no- slouch either.... but remember, it's Mother's Day... Father's Day is next month! )
I just want my mom to know that I Love her and that I would admire her even if I weren't the best daughter she ever had! (of course, I am her only daughter so she really doesn't have much to compare too! LoL...)
Here is a little Mother's Day Poem that we are sharing with our Primary kids and their mother's on Mother's Day. Oh, it is supposed to have some trail mix to go with it.... you will understand when you read it! Enjoy... and have a bit of trail mix on me!

Mother's Day Poem
(author unknown)

In this bag of goodies you will find,
Reason's that make you one of a kind.
The pretzels are for the twists in life you've helped me through,
Teaching me by example, the right things to do.
For all the times I've driven you "NUTS",
But if needed your door was never shut.
Times when I've made you mad, but still you'd forgive,
So the Marshmallows are for the squishy hugs you always give.
Raisins are for the wrinkles that will come your way.
But I still hope to be like you someday.
M & M's for all the times it's just mom and me,
I'm so glad I'm yours for eternity!
This bag makes a yummy mix which can become a big mess.
Luckily I know it will get cleaned because my mom's the best!

It's a bit childish... but you know, I will always be her child! And she will
always be my mom! Love to you mom! Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful
mom's and mom's to be out there!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

That is so sweet of you to say those things about your mom. Your a lucky gal to have such a great mom.
I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.

Jelly Wares said...

That is such a gorgeous poem, thanks for sharing..

Hugs - Jodie :)