May 27, 2010

What Has Been Keeping Me Busy

It has been a while since I last wrote but as things go I've been keeping out of trouble, mostly! I worked on a costume for a friends neice's 8 year old daughter... (got that?) it was a mermaid costume that she needed for a school something or other! Here is what it looked like when done; It was a bit of a trial because I was told she had a 28 inch waist and then that she was 8 and I finally got her neck to waist measurement and waist to floor measurement. Not a whole lot to go on! Oh, and I was also told that they figured a ladies 10 would fit her? Hmmmm, not sooo much! We worked it all out I tried in on my friends granddaughter a day or so b/4 the little girl came to try it on... and took it in some thru the back and waaa-laa! Done! I didn't get a picture (I seem to forget the camera in situations like this) and so you don't get to see the final project... but it is done! They were happy with it... and mom told daughter that look.... you have your Halloween costume all ready too!
Now I'm working on an OOP pattern.... (out of print) just because... one I will put away because I'm not sure who it is for yet! It's a cute little purple plaid dress, button up the front and it will have pantaloons too that can be worn but don't really need to be worn.... I will find the pattern and post a picture of it and the material too. Now I've decided that instead of any type of lace I'm going with a cute light yellow Ric Rac... hopefully pic's later.

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Ravenhill said...

Yes, please post the photos of the new outfit you are making!!!! :D I would LOVE to see it! The mermaid costume sounds super cute. I really like mermaids. Lilly just got a mermaid barbie doll.
Happy day to you Jean!
hugs from Emily