December 26, 2014

Almost the New Year

Hello out there! Is anyone reading? Oh well, I suppose this is just for my enjoyment
So many things happening around here. I wrote a few years back that our beloved Golden
Retriever Jamie passed away at the age of 13 years. We missed her so much. I found
myself looking for her in every room. And wondering why she didn't take care of the
little bits of food I had dropped on the floor. Well, here after 3 1/2 years we have a  new
little family member. Her name is Abby. She was born September 28th, and we met 3
weeks later.
 And of course came back a few times to visit before taking her home, the Friday b/4 Thanksgiving.
What a blessing she is to have in our home. A LOT OF WORK OF COURSE!  But a total Blessing too!

And of the family is making her very welcome! The grands are having a blast! Outside and inside.... she loves to give kisses and play chase.This picture makes it look like our grandson Cameron doesn't like what she is doing... but, by the time she was done kissing him he was laughing up a storm!  She is now 12 weeks old. She had her first Christmas with us. I need to get photo's of her playing with her dog cousin Ruby! They were outside running to their hearts content! It's so much fun watching them. Ruby's legs are a bit shorter then Abby's and so she makes some quick turns that Abby can't always keep up with. But, she is holding her own. They were both pretty tired by the time Ruby went home. If Ruby was anything like Abby she slept pretty good last night! 
Sewing has gone by the way side for a while, there have been too many times going to the back yard to take Abby out. She is training us pretty well! But she is doing better and better. 
One thing that is sewing related that I have been doing is teaching my great-niece to sew. She has mastered the art of threading a sewing machine.... two to be exact! She made herself a pillowcase for her body pillow. Ellie is 7 years old this past fall and she is a very avid student! It's cute to see how excited she gets with each new thing she learns. She received a sewing machine for Christmas this year so now is excited to continue on. Her mom thought she would have to teach her how to use it. But after teaching her how to use the self threading aspect of the machine away she went! She had it threaded b/4 my niece knew what was going on. Ellie was so excited to open the machine that she had to call me and tell me what she got. Of course, I knew b/4 she did what she was getting. Such joy is fun to be a part of. 
Merry Christmas everyone. I hope that you will all have the joy that my great-niece has each and every day of the new year! 

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