January 31, 2015

American Girl Sewing for her American Girl Doll

So, my great niece wanted to make a blanket/quilt for her A.G. doll. We rummaged through my stash of fabrics and found a piece of "minky" that she fell in love with. It is soooo soft, she didn't want to put it down. Mind you, it wasn't very big so we had to cut it in half and then seam the sides together to make it wide enough. This in itself was a challenge because minky moved/stretches a lot so it was interesting to watch her sew it. Lets just say it was fun to see how she dealt with it. She didn't do too badly, and in the end, she put a back on it and then took it home to tie it. Whats a quilt without having the two sections tied together or quilted.  I haven't seen the end product so a picture will be forthcoming.

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