March 15, 2014

So Quick Like Pulling off a Bandage

Keeping myself busy never seems to be a problem. Last week I spent a day with my friend Karma. We each worked on our own project and just visited and gabbed. It was great! I've been working on string quilt blocks and she was working on some English Paper Piecing blocks... her blocks are sooo cute.... and small. Like 3 x 3 inch blocks. I think the entire wall hanging will be like 12 x 12 inches
when finished. Hearts and sun bonnet sues if I remember correctly. I will have to take a picture and post it when she is done.
My SIL's birthday was the 1st of the month. I asked what he wanted and he told our daughter to ask if I would do some mending for him. Buttons replaced, holes mended etc. Oh, and he had a bike jersey that needed mending also. Too funny, really. On Sunday I gave him an empty basket to put his mending in (he didn't think it would be big enough!). Monday I got started right away on the mending of most everything but his bike jersey. After a while I got to working on the jersey, found something to make a patch out of that had the same type of stretch the jersey did. I'm mending away, thinking that I was doing an o.k. job, when I decided to stop and make us dinner. After dinner I spread out the jersey to trim threads and see what else needed to be done. The stitching for the label was actually woven right into the jersey.... ahem, but it was weird. Yes, the label was unreadable. I turned the jersey over and found that I had stitched the patch on the outside because SIL had folded it up insideout! Soooo after dinner I took out all of the stitching/mending I had done on it and waited until the next day to start all over! It did look good when it was done... but it took a lot longer then it should have.  I got everything all done and returned it all to our SIL, and then he said.... I forgot to add something to the pile! He has a favorite tie that apparently the grands were playing tug a way with (that couldn't be my grandkids!!!!! Anyway I told him that now that I had mended everything this would be on the clock! Double time and a half! Just kidding. But, it's not high on the priority list so he will get it when he gets it!
Next up, I cut out all of the pieces for the school dance dress I'm making.... a bit of slice and dice! More later.... Have a Great St. Patrick's Day on Monday!

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