March 1, 2014

Finally Some Accomplishments or Finishes

One of my nieces was due to have a baby girl the end of February and since I was sick when the baby shower happened I didn't want to go and spread my germies to everyone. So, I stayed home. She delivered her daughter Hadlee (after a very tough 27 hours of labor.... and then had to go c-section! Ouch!). So, this is what I made her... it's taken from this Leisure Arts booklet #3351
The one for the little girls is pictured in the in-set. I changed things a tad bit; as per usual... mostly I just changed up the colors of the embroidery because the fleece was much lighter and then I did not blanket stitch around all the edges. To me it was a bit toooo, much! Here is a picture of it.
And here is the outfit I bought (that I could have; should
have made, but at the time I thought I was in a hurry and didn't 
know I wouldn't make it to the shower)... my thoughts on that....
Plan Ahead!!! 

Don't you just love those cute little shoes!!! 

Alright, and one more accomplishment or Finish. Well, let's 
say near Finish.... I still need to put a hem in this dress... then
it's on it's way to Oregon! Yeahhhhh. I hope my little grand
likes her gramma made dress! So I showed in my last 
post, the pattern I used for this dress. I added a bit of a Peter Pan 
collar, and some patch pockets. The pockets because this grand loves
pockets. What girl doesn't? The collar because it needed a bit more
Oh, one more thing I used gross grain ribbon for the ties because #1, I wanted 
less bulk for the ties and I used gross grain because they will hold a tie better
than a satin ribbon. If you use satin, you just about may as well tie that bow
in a knot! Cause it's going to come undone! 
I have one more Finish... but I haven't gotten a picture of it yet. I finished my
niece's (another one) quilt. I added a border and put a back onto it and did some
machine quilting for her. I delivered it last night and forgot to take pictures of it
before I put it in to her mom's hands. We had a girl's night out last night at my SIL's 
new home with my daughters, a bunch of the girl cousins several aunts and a few
other female family members. It was fun, got home and too bed around 1:a.m. but 
we talked our heads off.... and munched and vegged out royal. So, I may have
to put off posting a picture of the quilt until I receive one from the recipient. 
So, I feel good that I have accomplished so much in the last couple of months. Oh,
and also did a bit of a re-do for a friend/neighbor/church member. I think I mentioned 
that I was to re-do the elastic in the sleeves in her daughters blessing dress. I got that
done also and returned it. Now; onto the school dance dress! Should prove interesting,
she wants it more modest then the pattern picture shows... I will be taking the skirt;
from Simplicity 3878
part of the bodice from view D of that same pattern (she likes the waistband part), but she
likes the height of the bodice of Simplicity 1910 but not the corset look in the back... (plus she wants it higher in back) so I'm 
using an old Simplicity pattern 8888
for the back (check out view D). Oh, and one more thing, we are putting a tad bit of a little
sleeve on it. Not much just a little rushing type thing. Did you get all that? LoL...
Should be fun. 
 I will keep you posted! 
Make sure you keep your machine oiled! 
Oops.... and did I tell you, I'm also teaching a gal from Church to sew! She is almost done with
it. Just needs to do the hem. I should be able
to stay outta trouble for a little bit don't you think? 

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