October 6, 2012

When Is It Going To End?????

You know, sometimes I wonder what I've gotten myself into as far as canning goes! LoL... it's my own fault... I got my family used to eating home canned stuff and now well... that's what we like!
Spaghetti sauce, veggie soup, green beans, thick chunky apple sauce (and at this point I say, yum!), various fruits... tomatoes, beets (well, most of the family doesn't like those... just me! I'm worth a little effort aren't I?) and dried or/fruit leather fruits. You get the idea... this all takes time... time, time, time!!! Late to bed, early to rise.... makes a person... CRANKY!
Sewing time has been sadly neglected!!!! What is that saying; if you want to make something a habit, do it for 2 weeks (or is it 3) and you will just keep doing it! Guess I had better work on that!
O.K. that's my rant! Now.... breakfast and off to see the grands play soccer!  O. K. so it's not sewing, but it is something very worthwhile! ;)
Grandkids.... doncha love em! :)

Hopefully I will have a sewing related post soon!
In the meantime, don't sew with your presser foot up! LoL...

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Kristy said...

Hi Jean - just wondering if you got my email thanking you for the gorgeous quilt you made for Toby? If not, thank you so much - it is fantastic!