November 22, 2012

Happy Thanks Giving Every One

 So many of the people in our Nation and around the world have had trials, disappointments, hardships of all sorts, some people have been morning losses of loved ones or even homes or jobs. Today is a day to reflect on the past and strive to move forward. As hard as these trials can be, we truly need to work hard to over come these things. And the way we can help is too look around us and see what we can do! You may know of someone who needs a helping hand, words of encouragement and love can do a lot for those who have suffered from any type of trial.... whether it be getting a bad grade on a mid term.... or losing a home. Everyone can use words of love! Maybe someone just cut you off on the road somewhere... try to put yourself into their shoes... they may not of even realized that they did this to you. Turn the other cheek, maybe shake your head... instead of your fist! Share a smile, a hand shake or even put what you can into a donation pot. I know a few of us.... (o.k., maybe just me) have a hard time trying to decide whether the person pan handling at the side of the road is doing it professionally or really needs help. (Can you tell I've seen way too many shows like 60 Minutes! LoL)  To be honest, I guess that's not for me to decide! If you don't want to feel like maybe that person is going to take advantage... maybe help out through a local Church, halfway house, non-profit organization etc. There are a lot of ways to help... United Way from what I understand is a great organization also.... the Red Cross does good work all over the place. Oh, and if you can't help out with a donation of money (let's be honest, this can be a very wallet stretching time of year) volunteer to help with your time. Granted this also is hard sometimes this time of year. But.... then again, what about helping kids read at school or some other volunteering during the rest of the year! It doesn't have to happen like.... TODAY! 
I guess what I'm trying to say is that while your counting your blessings today... please make sure and see if you could maybe answer someone else's prayers! Be good to your self, your family, your friends and your neighbors... you never know when you may be the person who needs to be uplifted or helped; whether it be financially, mentally, physically or Spiritually. 
Take care and God Bless You and Your Family During This Wonderful Season of the Year And all the rest of the year too!

Oh, and don't get caught with an empty bobbin! :)

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Kristy said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's not something we celebrate here in Australia, but I like the idea of people getting together to celebrate, and also to think of those less fortunate. But those Black Friday sales! They look scary.....