October 1, 2012

A-l-l  A-b-o-a-r-d....................................................!
In August this little guy down below.... (ahem, the one on the left!) turned 4! And for birthdays, we have
decided that the grands don't really "need" another toy. So, we are taking them on dates! This little guy loves trains, although from looking at his concerned face you wouldn't really know it! We  DH/Dgrandpa and I went to this train park on a families private property where they have 4 trains. The other 3 are much smaller, where each person sits one behind another and hangs onto the sides of the train... we figured little guy would really love it.  He took one look at the smaller trains and pointed at it and said, "I don't think I want to go on one of those!"  There was no way we were going to get him onto the small train. So, we took him to see the larger train...(see above) and showed him how big it was and that we could sit inside (and that we would be with him) and he relaxed a little bit! 

After a few minutes, he relaxed and let go of the death grip he had on my arm. He was pointing out all sorts of things. Your supposed to keep hands/arms/feet inside the cars at all times (hmmm, sounds like a Disney ride doesn't it?) and next thing we know he is just about hanging outside the train! LoL... he had a great time.
We bought him a wooden train whistle that you really have to work hard to actually make much noise out of... (thinking we were safe w/DD #1, so he wouldn't drive her nuts with noise) to be given to him later.... didn't want him to drive us nuts in the Jeep! LoL... we weren't born yesterday you know! On the way to lunch after the train ride, he started making train horn sounds on his own.... (he didn't even know we had bought the whistle) and so DH and I looked at each other and then opened the whistle and handed it to DGS... it was cute. We ate lunch, with him bee-bopping to the music (right in sync to the music) put a french fry into his mouth and started using that for a whistle.... ( we didn't let him take said whistle into the eatery...).  At home while we were taking the booster seat out of the Jeep he ran into the house and almost hyperventilated telling the family how much fun he had! Cute cause we weren't all that sure he enjoyed it that much. He wasn't doing a lot of talking and all.  We had a great time. Next one will be in a few weeks.... DGS's birthday is coming soon... First DS's birthday and then FIL's 89th birthday and then DGS's #7 birthday. Hard to keep up! Another passenger took this of us all together... guess we should have squatted down...
Now, onto sewing...

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