June 4, 2012

Summertime, Summertime, Summ, Summ, Summertime

Hmmm, there is a song in that title I think!

Here it is June.... awwww Summer you have decided to come and well you have. At the moment it's all of 94 degree's outside. Wait, this is June, not August! Somewhere along the line the
weather man made a bigggg mistake! Summer is supposed to come on gradually,
with mild sunshine and heat... making one appreciate all the waiting we did for it to
get here! Not pour on the heat and make us want to stay inside hiding from the never-ending
sunshine...  Just goes to show it's certain that I'm not in charge!
We just finished up an engagement tending the grands and so I feel somewhat carefree!
LoL... we had some fun, they were good helpers and for the most part they got along pretty well.
What can we expect 3 kids 6 1/2 and under. They did great! And of course, we have
a few new catch phrases to play with too;  our granddaughter (almost 5) will sit for a while
and her foot will fall asleep; she tells me Gramma; my foot is sparkly. Cute! And at
one point I had just the oldest and he told me one day that he would like to be a
hippopotamus cause then he could craw out his bedroom window and go play. I informed
him that if he was indeed a hippo he might not be able to fit out the window... let alone in
his bedroom! He then informed me that he would be a skinnier hippo!  What a hoot!
We then in turn talked about what types of noises hippo's make and whether or not they
would scare lions. He said that the only lions they would be able to scare would be the girl lions!
What can I say; he has a sister and she does tend to scare easy... so I suppose he figures
all girls are easy prey! Next Fall, she is signed up for soccer, that will be fun to watch, have you
ever seen the little 4-5 year olds play.... it's pretty funny. Someone kicks the ball, then it hits
someone else.... that person falls down.... sometimes they start to cry (not really all that funny) and then after coach picks up the first kid (or encourages them to get up...) they start again. Run, run, run, fall down.... run,run, run, fall down! Lots of panting and sitting on the grass deciding whether to get up or not... run, run, run, kick, connect.... kick, fall down! Any way... you know what I will be doing next fall on Saturdays... And being as the oldest and the middle will both be playing... we will have our entertainment all planned out! LoL. :)

I haven't been doing a lot of sewing, mostly mending and ironing and trying to organize still
cut out more blocks... (one of these days I will have to stop long enough to get some of them
put together!) I have done some re-vamping or re-styling of some clothes. Oh, and I also
have been busy switching out some of our computer stuff. I got a new hp computer...
(nice!!!! ) can't believe how much faster this one moves... I just need to put some of the ole
stuff onto this one so I can add my pictures etc... And then I will need to learn how to
use some of the various things on this one. Always something to learn!
Well, I just thought it would be a good idea if I actually posted something b/4 the month got
away from me. More when I can.
Enjoy.... oh, and the end of the needle with the hole in it.... yep... it was meant to be there!

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