May 7, 2012

Back In The Saddle Again

I've been busy trying to clear out all of the projects that needed to be finished. I managed to get the quilt from last post outta the sewing room (yeah, more room!) also I sent off a couple of baby blankets that I bound for my niece's twins (a boy and a girl... even more room!).  A while back I mentioned that I had a bunch of patterns that I no longer needed... (heavy sighhhh... more room still!) after having a total of around 7 gals from Church and neighbors go thru them the rest were sent to Savers because as far as I know they are the only ones in the area that will actually use them for re-sale. Plus, I get to write them off on the taxes!  Granddaughters little "Princess Dress" that her mommy made her for Christmas needed to be altered a bit bigger, (mommy made it to fit her like a "real dress" not a dress up dress) so  that she could wear over clothes. That is now back with granddaughter.... believe me she is one happy little girl.... she wore it yesterday to our house for dinner! LoL... cute! Oh, and that makes a bit more room too... cause it was sitting in a cloth bag waiting for me to get to it!!!!
I also managed to go thru a bunch of my fabric that was sitting in boxes, I sorted it out by colors and got rid of 3 more empty boxes! I still have a few little odds and ends of bags to go thru from my sewing room move, but on the whole; I must say that it's looking much better! One of my DD's gave me a shelf that has 2 dowels on it that you slide ribbon on to keep them organized. So I filled that right up! She said that she had wayyy to many to fit it and so was going to give it to the D. I. (our Churches 2nd hand store) so I just shopped in her car b/4 she went! I know, I'm terrible... but it's helping me be more organized! What can I say... it's the little things that count!
There are 14 ladies at our Church that are preggers.... and 2 are having twins... I will probably make a few things to welcome the little ones... mostly those that are first timers.... and those that may be having a 2nd child of a different sex then the 1st! We shall see!

The closet still looks pretty bad and hard to find things in but, I will have to get some shelves either made or purchased to fit the space. It is pretty amazing to actually see floor space! Hard to believe I know.... but it's nice that I can move around without having to move something first! The basket next to the sewing machine table is full of ironing... it's Monday... that's to be expected! Oh, and the cutting table has fabric blocks still in the process of being cut! I only have to cut out 40 or so white eyelet blocks b/4 I can get started on my 1/2 square triangles for a quilt for our bed. I keep changing my mind about what I want... but now that I've cut so many 10 1/2 x 10 1/2 prints I'm committed so I will be making it! The small chest on top of the 4 drawer dresser was made by my FIL. It was a tool chest... but now it's my thread drawer (well at least the 2 bottom drawers are. I turned the thread side ways and lay them down by color... like at the fabric stores.... It's really handy to see what I'm grabbing. The other 3 drawers I use for wrapping paper on the tubes!
The little onesies  that are hanging I made into little tu-tu type dresses... so easy to make! One of my friends's daughter just had twin girls! Always fun to sew for babies!  If interested let me know! I will send instructions.

Anyway... here is a thought I heard yesterday that I liked!

It matters not what we eat; but what we digest!
It matters not what we learn, but what we comprehend!

I know, I'm getting a bit deep... but you know, it's alright as long as we can comprehend what we just learned!
LoL.... Have a great week!

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