March 5, 2012

Spring Stash Cleaning

     This will be very short... not sure how sweet... but it will be a line or two!  I've been trying to clean, clear out and organize what's left... (it's not like what I removed really made much of a dent in the fabric and or patterns department) but let's just say some of the bins are easier to put onto the shelves now. They slide instead of having to be jam-packed in order to get them on the shelves. I pulled patterns that I have never used, some slightly used and some I thought.... (what was I thinking?) and offered them up to some of the sewing newbies I know. So far 3 or 4 gals have come by dug thru and basically helped themselves. I mentioned that "if" they change their minds about some of the patterns that they took.... to find someone else to pass them along too! I thought about donating them to our local Deseret Industries... but apparently they don't sell well there so the only thing that they use them for is to wrap breakables in. A girl wants to at least think that someone is going to get some use outta some of the patterns that have taken up residence here for a time at her home. And I really don't want to put them into the land fill! So... being as I don't have a huge readership... I figured I would see who would like them in my area. If I had more people who looked at my blog and sewed I would paste them up here so everyone could have a good look. But this is not the case, but,  if your interested let me know and I can put a few at a time up on the blog and send them your way... you would have to pick up the postage but other than that I will probably get rid of them in the next few weeks.
I also went thru my fabric stash and weeded out some items that I have been hanging onto for a number of years.... let's be honest now... I found some fabric that was dated 1997... yeah, gulp! Can you say fabriholic!!! I'll admit it.... there was a time that it was hard to pass up a pretty piece! If/when I do go to the fabric shop .... I very rarely purchase fabric.... mostly I just shop my own shelves, drawers, bins! So, I'm happy to say that I just carried a large box of fabric plus one large Ross bag over to a sewing neighbor! Honestly.... it barely seemed to put a dent into my stash! She told her DH that it was just Jean.... ahem, her enabler! Too funny... though I did tell her that if she decided that she didn't want any of it... to please find someone else to pass it on to. I think he rolled his eyes! Probably thinking, she won't be passing it onto anyone! She is keeping it all! Nice to know that that I'm not the only one! LoL.....
In a while I will post some pic's of some of the sewing that I have been up too.
In the mean time.... hope it's nice where you are.... it's somewhat Spring-like today... although, last week we had snow and cold! LoL.... guess March isn't sure whether it's a Lion or a Lamb!
Don't forget to clean your machine... we all work a lot better when we are clean don't we?

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