March 12, 2012

Trying To Catch You All Up On My Many Endeavors

One of the projects that I've been working on is an O.P. Simplicity 3582
for our youngest granddaughter. I couldn't decide which pair of pants to make her.... cause they are both so cute! So, I made them both!

The shirt will go with the ruffled bottom pants, although, as a friend said, "It's not like your DGD is going to really care which pants she wears with it." Oh, and just so you know, I do have some sense of color taste!  They look better in person then in the pictures.  They went into the post last Saturday. Yeah! Hopefully they will fit her for a while b/4 it gets too warm to wear them.  Oh, and by the by... these were all made from my fabric stash! I did buy some white Velcro and then was informed by my DD that if I had snaps that that would be a better choice! Seeing as Velcro has a tendency to get all threaded up (if you forget to close them b/4 washing/drying) thus making it harder after a while to have them closer close. Nice thing was I had snaps in the stash also. So I will save the Velcro for some other project. You never know when your going to need to close something up! Hmmmm?

      My mom unfortunately had a bad fall the first part of February and broke her shoulder in three places. So being as she has to wear a brace for another month or so I thought that she needed to have a few options as to what to wear... and hopefully these will be easier to get into. I bought a couple scrub tops and unpicked the left side seam all the way up thru the arm hole and the sleeve! I sewed several pieces of bias tape doubling them over onto the tabs, that I had ironed out flat.  I enclosed them so they wouldn't ravel. Then place velcro pieces on the tabs and onto the scrub shirts so that she would be able to get in and out easier. The tabs go around to the back of the scrub which from my pictures is hard
to see. But you get the idea!
Hmmm, let's see what else? 
Oh, I weeded out a tub full of patterns I felt I didn't need any more. Guess I told you that in the last post; I've had  a bunch of gals from Church come thru and look and take home at least 3or 4. Then again there were a few that managed a good haul! LoL... I was tickled to see them go out the door with them!
We have a friend who was recently married; and because we are always a day late and a dollar short (mostly just time wise) the project/gift is now getting to the near completion point! 
 Actually its farther along than this, but I'm just too lazy to go take another picture then wait for it to download and well... ahem, you get the picture right! These are blocks that are made from a pattern called "Turning Twenty" by??? (Guess I had better go check,) Tricia Cribbs. Normally it is made from 20 fat quarters that you cut 4 different pieces from (there is also a border piece) but, we went with denim pieces due to the fact that this new bride wanted a camp quilt. We (and I say "we" because one of the DD's will be helping with this; and you know who you are don't you!!!!) will be putting the same red/cream print on the back (that is on the front)  with possibly a few other pieces to fill in the blanks... there isn't quite enough of that print to do it so I will have to dig into the stash to see what I can find that is similar weight. I may have to look for some navy blue corduroy to do the trick! Maybe red! (I know Missy... but it would look good!) All of the denim came from old blue jeans! Yes... I managed to whittle down the denim pile too! You should see I can actually get into the closet I keep them in again!

I've also been working on making some bias binding for several fleece quilts. One winter one for us.... it's a pretty Red Berber Fleece, I've appliqued White Snowflakes onto it.... and the bias binding I've made for this is a white with a print of winter scenes. DH can hardly wait for it! I had the bias put on and I started to hand sew it... but I wasn't happy with the way I had first sewed on the bias... so I un-picked the entire side I had done! Then I have 2 for a cute little set of twins I know.... and one more for a humanitarian quilt. Nothing to elaborate but I wanted to get these done and out of the way! Oh, and out of my sewing room! Oh, and all these items have also come from my sewing stash... except for the batting for the insides of the quilt, which is coming from DD#3's stash!  Oh... one more quick story concerning the quilt! A long time ago I bought the print for the quilt.... it sat and sat in my stash and then DD#1 used it for chair covers, one color (the prints  are a blue/cream and a red/cream) for each chair. When she was done... (she likes to change up her decor, more often then her mom.... that's another story... I like to move furniture! Ask her DH!) I got the fabric back! It sat for a long spell... until now! So nothing like recycling to add to the history of the quilt!
All right, this post is way long and I appreciate your patience.... I had to get a lot off my chest and catch everyone up! I will post  final pictures of said quilt and the blankets I get bound!

Don't forget to check out the fabric store/on line ads b/4 you go to make purchases... you'll be surprised what types of sales they have each month! Patterns at the brick/mortar stores (i.e. Hancocks/Jo Ann's) usually have their patterns on sale every month for around $1.99 or so for some of the Big 4 pattern companies. It pays to watch these ads! I sure don't pay full price if I'm looking for a pattern!

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Kristy Chan said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother, hopefully she recovers soon. Lucky she has you to make clothes for her to make this time a little bit easier.

And I love the little outfit you made for your granddaughter and a big yay for shopping the stash!