November 9, 2009

It's November Again.... Birthdays Come and Go

I was able to get a hold of the canon camera people... they were so nice! My camera is under warranty and so now I just need to send it off to get it fixed! The guy I spoke to said that worst cases I may have to pay $79 to get it fixed! But, that I could pay that same $ and get a brand new one of the same kind... so hopefully they can fix it and it will be back soon! He said that if I send it off soon.... it will be back hopefully b/4 Thanks Giving! Which if you look at the calendar... is just around the corner!
Here it is November... hard to believe that time has done it's thing once again... and scurried so quickly through the year. It's my birthday again!!! Yep, another day in the month and another year older! Like my mom was saying in a CD of thoughts she sent.... seems the older you get although your body gets older.... it just doesn't feel as if I've gotten any older! Our family had a nice get together yesterday to celebrate all the November birthdays in the family. I have two SIL's that have birthdays this month also! One tomorrow.... Happy B-day Fernando!!!
And one next week! Happy B-day Matt! Yep.... and I figured it out.... those two were born... when I was 27!!!! Yikes! That seems weird! We had cake, (each of us got our own type that we like!) I had chocolate Angel Food Cake.... with a bit of whipped topping! I like my cake light! And then came the presents! WoW!!!! My family sure does spoil me! I got all sorts... gift cards from the local Barnes and Noble... and one from the local Hancocks... a cook book and apron... a couple of really nice photo albums (I'm not a scrapbooker.....) to put the tons of photo's I have that are waiting to be taken care of! I received a Target red bag.... to use to put things I purchase with all my gift cards!!! I beautiful heart from my parents... made by Margarent Furlong. It has a wonder verse from the bible on it on love.... So, I want to thank all of my family for spoiling me rotten.... once again! And thank you for blessing my life! It wouldn't be any fun without you all!
O.k. has everyone noticed that Thanks Giving this year is the very last Thursday of the month!!! And that means we only have a short amount of time b/4 Christmas after Thanks Giving this year!!! I hope that you are all better prepared then I am! I know that my parents are prepared!!!! They have already gotten the presents, wrapped them, mailed them to my house (the ones for our family) and they can now sit back and relax!!! Guess I had better get my act together!
We have decided that this year instead of doing a family gift (in my DH's family) we will do something for others outside of the family. And then share Christmas Eve. what we could do. It's a nice way to keep from getting wayyy to many gifts and to help out a few others that may not have anything else for Christmas.
I need to go... the laundry is calling and my sewing room .... well let's just say that it will take a whip and a chain to get into the room now!!! LoL....

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Ravenhill said...

Happy birthday to you dear friend!!! Your's is very close to my sons, his is on November 7th.

I hope you will get your camera back soon in good shape and ready to go! I look forward to seeing more pictures, especially of the wonderful things that you make!
Take good care and wishing you a very happy year ahead!
Hugs from Emily xoxo