November 16, 2009

40 Days and Counting Before Christmas

I was just thinking that as a child it took foreverrrrrr for Christmas to come. I suppose that it's still that way for children. At least I hope so! This world gets a bit hard sometimes, and I like to think that children are still innocent and sweet. Our oldest grandson showed us a letter he is going to send to Santa. Since he is 4 he has glued pictures onto the letter. We asked him where Santa lives and he had no idea.... (simpler time of life... innocent, sweet) and when we told him that Santa lives at the North Pole he just gave us a silly look and agreed. We asked if he would mail it to Santa? He laughed and said no! I probably should have asked if maybe we should just e-mail Santa. He probably would have figured that was right, because we allll know, that everyone including Santa has a computer!
I of course am no where's near being ready for Christmas... but, ready or not it will come. And I will enjoy it! My thinking is that it's more important to be ready Spiritually than any other way. Sure giving presents to those we love is nice... but it's more important to know why we celebrate and to be thankful for the person whom we celebrate the birth of. Just like the Who's in Whoville.... when they awoke and found that all their Christmas presents, food and decorations were gone... the reason to have Christmas.... which is to celebrate the birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ is much more important! Now maybe to you comparing how we celebrate to the Who's in Whoville is somewhat lame. But, the message is what's important. They still had each other, and that was the most important thing to them! Of course... to me if I woke up and didn't have any of my family, friends, freedoms etc.... it would be pretty hard to deal with. But, I know that I can lean on My Heavenly Father and his Son... my Savior Jesus Christ. I'm not saying I wouldn't cry.... me not cry.... rightttt! No, that in and of it's self.... next to impossible! But, as hard as it would be.... (and believe me, I'm not asking to be challanged in this way at all!!)
I know that I could make it through, as long as I have the help of my Savior. So 40 days or 40 years... Christmas is with me all year long. This just happens to be the time we celebrate and show a bit more attention to Him.
Take care everyone.... I pray that those of you that read this will have an Enjoyable Christmas Season.... And let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas! And soon to be New Year. May all your sewing projects finish smoothly.

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andsewitis Holly said...

Somewhere along the way we all decided to limit any gift giving to $25 per person/couple and since our family is very small it doesn't break the bank. Some gifts are the same year after year (mag subscription, weekly planner, restaurant gift card... etc) so that makes it very easy. Christmas is definitely not about the gifts. Have a wonderful Thanks Giving and Christmas! I can't believe how quickly the time flies.