November 18, 2009

I'm Sooo Excited!

Did I tell you that I sent off my camera to be fixed? Yep... I sent it off a week ago this past Monday... yesterday I got an email saying that it is fixed.... (at no charge to me!) and is now being FedEx'd back.... last I just checked.... it was in Tennessee! Which is rather strange, cause it's coming from Illinois! What do I care how it gets here.... I suppose it's taking the scenic route! But, it is coming and that means....... yes!!!! I can take pictures again! And even post one or two!
Hope all is well with every one's Thanksgiving plans... we had an early Thanksgiving dinner sorta with one of our daughters..... (we ate pie! and she sent home potato's, etc...) DH had a few appointments so we were on a time crunch! It was good though!
I got the binding sewn onto a quilt that I'm working on for our Church. I just need to hand sew it now! I figure that I can do this while'st tending the little grands....
More later.... Make sure your needles are sharp!

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Ravenhill said...

How are you sweet friend? You must be busy with the holidays? I hope you are having a delightful time with friends and family and perhaps making up a gift or two?
xoxo Emily