February 18, 2009

I've Joined The "Losers"

And no, I've haven't developed low self esteem! I've decided that the only way I'm going to get back on track to losing weight again is to join a group of people who won't let me forget it! The Monday Losers! If you go to see Sharon's blog at

Red Geranium Cottage. You will see what I've talking about. When I get where I can actually post the cute little logo she has of a little girl looking at hmmmm something (at this moment I can't recall what she is looking at... hey it's 5:14 a.m.!) but I do know that she is actually dreaming of chocolate! I will post it as soon as I can into a side bar! Last Summer my 3 daughters and I started working together and well we only got so far. I kept up until around Christmas, losing a total of 25 #'s.... which is good. I started at..... "gulp" 189 pounds. And I did gain back 4 of it over the holidays, but I'm willing; no make that DETERMINED, to make my goal of at least 135 pounds. Hey if my Aunt P. can do it... (and she is in her hmmmm 80's I believe!) what have I got to lose... no pun intended. Cause I do have more to lose! That's for sure! O.K. a little more sleep, and then off to work out! Besides the fact that getting rid of the weight will do wonders for my moral, I will better be able to enjoy myself, and my family! So, o.k. who out there is with me? Or am I just talking to the page? Oh, I know one of my daughters is very determined! DD #2 started a Boot Camp last week. She lost 4 pounds.... WAY TO GO HONEY!!!!! Your doing Wonderful!
What they make them do is amazing! She had to wear a 25# vest and do all the exercises with this on last week. So, 5 days of work out, either after work, or in Fridays case since they don't have an evening class, she went b/4 work! Mind you, at like 5 am . WAY TO HANG IN THERE GIRL! We Love You! Oh, and on Sunday, it was DD #2's Birthday too! So, her trainer/hmmm do they call him a Drill Sargent? I mean they called them Company Commanders when I went to Boot Camp! Yes... "Real Boot Camp"! In the Navy! She told him it was her birthday, and he wanted to know how many pieces of cake she was going to have! She told him just one, he was making her accountable! But she got to go back and tell him that yes, she only had one... mind you it was Angel Food Cake too w/strawberries and w/no fat Cool Whip! I know, I'm here for you kiddo! You did good!
Oh, and yes... equal time to my other kids, we love you guys/girls too! Oh, and let us not forget the grand kids!
Have I showed you pic's of my grand kids???
O.K. don't want to go through withdrawal and all. Aren't they cute! I mean really can you get much cuter than that?
Alright, so on Monday I got a call from my friend Karma... she is such a sweetie. And we spent the afternoon with her daughter Sally and her granddaughter Alissa over at another daughters house.
She showed me the elder daughters sewing room. It was beautiful, you know, one of those rooms above the garage... all by it's self! Just neat to see different people's methods of storage and all.
Sharon over at Red Geranium Cottage mentioned that sometimes it's just hard to be creative and tidy! And I really agree. If we are worried about keeping things tidy all the time, how does one get anything done! But to tell you the truth, my space is sooo jam packed with so much stuff! Granted, not all if material, the ironing is in there too, and of course mending! That it does get hard to work in there if I have a mess! If, I guess I mean "when", cause honey... I mostly always have a mess! So, maybe I will post pic's of my "mess"! Some before and after, hmmmm, I guess that does mean that I have to clean/tidy after I take the before don't I?
What does your sewing area, room, lab, space look like? I'm just throwing this out there... cause I can!


Ravenhill said...

Yes, let's see your mess! :)

I hope you continue on your way to losing those pounds. You have done fabulously already!

Melisa said...

I with ya Mom!

Annie said...

mess mess mess - I'm ALWAYS in a mess!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Your grandkids are adorable. And OMG do I need to get a 25# vest to wear around here now??? lolol

Kristy said...

Yay I'm so glad you're doing photos now - your family are just gorgeous! And I'm with you on the path to losing weight, of course your choc mint cookies you posted in December are the reason behind at least a few of my excess kilos!

Lisa said...

I think I will become a Monday Loser also, well overdue I think. Goodluck with your continuing journey. Thanks for your comment about my UGLY quilt, it's kept us warm for years now I suppose it can continue to reside on my bed for a while longer.