February 9, 2009

Who Are The "They's" Of The World?

Time as "they" say waits for no man! Hmmm, o.k. who are "they"? Any ideas?
Because one of these days, I would like to meet "them"! It seems like "they" are the ones that cause a lot of trouble to my mind! "They" say that it's up to us to do our best in life! Mind you, there are just days... that well, my best just isn't making it! And what happens when we don't? Not to stress you out or anything, this is just how my brain works sometimes! We have a cute little music gal at church (we work with the kids in Primary) she was saying that her brain was just not working. And then she cracked me up! She said, "I guess it's because I'm around all those little boy's (I think she has 3 or 4, 5 counting her hubby!) stinky socks!" Too funny! I only had 1 boy, 2 counting my hubby, but one son's socks were enough! You know, stuff happens! Boys just can have problems (girls too... and we have 3! Yes, girls... you know who you are!) because sometimes they didn't always get picked up as they should! Their job! Not mine!

So, I was thinking that I should check out how many UFO's I have. And well, as ashamed as I am to admit it here... I figure if I do then it will motivate me to finish them up or some how use them in other projects. O.K. I just went back to the sewing room and .................... GULP!!!! THERE ARE 30 UFO'S. Mind you these are the projects that I started and somewhere between lay out, cut out, and finish.... just didn't make it to the finish line! So, I working on one right now, it's a set of cut little adorable snow people he/she. And well this is the #1 UFO! I'm thinking that maybe I can have anyone (family, friends... blog stalkers) that wants too just nudge me once and a while with a comment about how are the UFO'S coming etc... this will be a big help! I love to cut them out, (projects) and try to use up all the little odds and ends of fabric so as not to waste anything. My problem is that I start to do that, I get all excited about starting something, and bang!!! It's late or I need to get something else done or what have you and I get distracted! Maybe I should open a business where I cut out people projects, and then they sew them! What do you think? Would you pay someone to do such a thing? Just a thought. Oh, and well I also have several tasks that people (family) have asked me to do. I need to alter a dress for one of my girls, mend a pair of pants for a SIL, and alter 3 dress shirts for my FIL. Always something... see... what I mean!
So, as I said, there are 2 snow people. They are made out of Sherpa fleece, and the bodies are ready to go. I stuffed one and then sewed it closed and the head is almost done too. She has a cute little orange carrot for a nose, two little tiny beads for her eyes, and an embroidered mouth. I made her a cute little white fleece shawl and a red hat with a dark red flower and a green button to pull it together. I still need to attach her head to her body... you know as "they" say... she would loose her head if it weren't sewn on! Also need to sew on the hat... I figure that the grandkids might get a hold of her and well... we don't want her to be indesent or anything! Mr. snow people is well... sort of hmmm, well FLAT! Poor guy, no stuffing, no face, I did cut out his hat (sort of a top hat affair) w/a black and white plaid hat band and a yellow star to dress him up a bit. Oh, his hat is black also. I made him a white fleece scarf to keep "the chill off", cause we don't want him catching a cold or any of this nasty flu! But right now he is just looking all whimpy.... o.k. so now I feel guilty. Back to work! Hmmmmm, right after I do the bills!

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Melisa said...

Cameron say's Grandma My Socks Arn't Stinky"