August 19, 2008

One Thing At A Time

Last night I was able to finish up a baby ragg quilt that I've been tying to get together. One of the ladies that I teach with at Church just had a baby boy. She has a little girl, and now has a boy too. So, since we will miss her not being in our class for a while, we decided to make her a quilt. The kids in our class are 7-8 years old and well sometimes there are 3 and then again, at others times there are 6 kids there. It was cute, I had tons of flannel 5 inch squares all cut out, red, greens, lots of prints w/white and yellow and also some light blue w/white. I had the kids decide how it should be laid out and took it home to put together. Last Sunday I was grilled by the kids to see if I had finished it yet! Talk about pressure! I figured I had better hurry it up and get it done. Hopefully sometime tomorrow I can get all the kids together and we will go give it to Jamie. Nice to have one more thing checked off the list of things to do.
Update... Sunday 8-24-08: Today, Jamie dropped by our Primary class at Church and we were able to give her the quilt we had made for her.... big hit! The kids were excited to see it and to give it to her. Yeah.... it's out of my sewing room... that means more room for the next couple projects!
Onward, the next thing is to get some alterations done for DD#2 done. Funny how quickly projects jump out at you when you get a few of them done.
My grandson has been at my house for a few hours yesterday and today, so needless to say besides laundry I didn't get a whole lot of other things done. It was fun though, we played in the dirt (yep, I play in the dirt too... nice to have an excuse that's for sure!) with the cars and trucks. Played with the dog, ate watermelon watched a little T.V. and pretty much entertained ourselves for several hours yesterday and today! (mom forgot that the appointment was supposed to be today.... Oops!)
Hope all is well with everyone out there. Getting close to Back to School Time for the neighbor kids. It always gets sooo quiet when the kids go back to school. Even the dog seems to miss them. They peek thru the fence at her and pat her and talk to her sometimes when she is outside.

Keep your pins up off the floor!

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