August 14, 2008

Just Waving Hello

Yesterday while I was running a few errands I happened to notice that there seem to be a lot more motorcycles on the road. Probably because of the gas prices. So for the longest time this one motorcycle rider was in front on me. Every time another rider would come the other way and pass us, he would stick out his hand down low to the ground and wave two fingers at the rider. You know, like a kind of salute to the other rider. Now, the riders that were older (I say older, but I mean older than in their 20's) returned the greeting. But the younger ones or maybe just newer to riding didn't. It's cool to think that just because someone has something like the love of riding motorcycles in common they take the time (and how much time can it take... a few seconds?) to signal a hello! I really do think this is pretty neat. It just goes to show that people still care about others. So, the more I thought about this neat little ritual, the more I thought... wouldn't it be cool if there was some way as seamstresses, (whatever your sewing aim) we could identify ourselves maybe on our person, in our cars etc... so we could wave and acknowledge the fact that we have shared interest. Well, sorry, I'm not into tattoo's. So, that isn't going to happen. But until someone comes up with a neat way to let us each know this info I guess I need to find a way to just wave at you all out there! Whether you are a machine sewer or a hand sewer, a quilter, an embroiderer, or what have you.... just know that I'm waving at you all! Just do the best you can at encouraging others and it will come back to you full measure!
Remember to keep your needles sharp!

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