August 24, 2008

I took some time this week to help out at the local fabric store. They needed help with the inventory. This way I get to peruse the fabric and see all the new (and the old) fabric! I have no problems with older fabric... mostly cause I figure that since it is older, they mark it down to get it out of the store.... in walks me! Yep, what can I say... it's a deal just waiting for me and my $. And besides, they pay me to do this too! What's not to like? So, after seeing #'s in my sleep... I'm happy to say that I only bought two remnant decorator pieces. We need new pillows for the couch. Then I got them home and I set the remnants on the couch.... oops.... it's just not going to do! Guess I will use them for making bags or the like. I dug thru my stash and found a floral piece that will be perfect for a couple of throw pillows and ahem, now I need to go and see if I can find a pretty purple or deep shade of dark pink that will go with the floral. Gee, going to the fabric store again? So sad! What? I'm working 3 more days this week? $$$ yes, I'm starting to see a few dollar signs... my biggest problem is to try not to spend it all on fabric! I'm trying to just use stuff in my stash. Well, trying is the operative word here. That reminds me, when I worked at the Fabric store years ago, we came across a few; Reasons To Buy Fabric. And I will try to find them and post them soon.

So I was reading Calicodaisy ......

and she has started to make and sell quilt binding (you could use it for other projects besides quilts .... The sewing police will not show up to drag you off!!! Don't quote me... but I'm pretty sure!) on her esty site. So, go check her out if you don't make your own and are in need of some to finish a project.

Sewing gets into my blood sometimes. Especially in the Fall! Must have something to do with back to school or such. Or maybe knowing that Christmas is just around the corner! Anyway, I get so excited to look at the pattern catalogs and the new fashion magazines.... now I'm hooked on some of the sewing blogs..... like and and
So, I'm trying to clear off the projects that are taking up time/space and thought process (does that sound like I don't like them anymore???) so I can move on... I really like the projects that I've been doing... it's just I have a tendency to be distracted by (as I call them) bright, shiny objects!
In other words, new projects... I start thinking about how this project would look so great in these colors or this fabric that before I know it I've practically made it in my head! And sitting behind a lady at Church today, I was reminded that since last August when our youngest DD got married (sniff, sniff..... the baby!) this lady and her DH helped out by loaning us their tripod's (these huge, things that you can set up decorations on) for the reception. And they didn't charge us anything at all! Mind you, people rent this stuff for around $1000 or more. So, I talked to her about making a baptism dress for their little girl (I really ought to say all 3 little girls.... but she didn't push it, so I probably won't either! Besides, I did make her a new pad for her baby's high chair and didn't charge her anything.... besides the cost of materials ) she was thrilled. So, that means I need to dig out patterns to have her go thru so I can get that done before the first week in October. Seems the list of things to be made is always more than the time available!
DH is home, time to see what we have to eat!


Ravenhill said...

Jean, how wonderful to spend a day working in your old fabric shop! I would do that in a minute! You did well to restrain yourself. I think Michele has a great idea with the handmade binding tape! She is incredibly clever and the sweetest person!

Thank you for the links, a couple were new to me.

I hope you are doing great!
~Emily xxoo

Kristy said...

I totally understand the distractions and wanting to move on to new projects - why do you think I have such a huge stash of UFOs? and thanks for your little stories you leave at my blog, I love 'em so much I've nominated you for an award

Annie said...

You sound just as much as a fabric a hologist as me. I must use some from my stash, but buying new stuff is ever so much more exciting.