March 18, 2010

Starting The Underground Railroad Quilt Blocks

This will be on-running and I will do the best I can to show you what we have been up too. But first, my friend Karma has a nice sewing/quilting room and I thought I would share a few photo's: we are all up to see other sewing rooms, Right? Yep! Just as I thought! So here we go.

This is Karma, I just had her sit to take the picture, she did mention that it would have been better to at least have had something to sew
This is her cutting table that her son just made for her. She is enjoying all the added storage space underneath. Although, she did say it's a bit of a mess at the moment! This is what happens when you have a designated sewing space sometimes.... it gets full quickly.

One side of her closet....
The other side of the closet; plus her book shelf which is full of all sorts of quilting books. Karma and her daughter have taught the Quilt In A Day Series Quilts.
Amazing! You and a helper start out in the morning and by the evening you have a quilt ready to be quilted or tied. They usually do the Log Cabin Quilt.
This ironing board drops down (you probably already figured that one out....) and then inside the closet.... more stuff/fabric stash.... she asked me not to take a picture of this one cause she said it's a mess! Plus then off to the left of this closet is a bureau with 5-6 drawers full of fabric and other necessary notions.

On with the post about the First quilt block we did..... we have our quilt block fabric's all cut out.... not the blocks, just the fabric's. Each block is then separated into a baggie, with it's name on it. All the baggies are stapled together forming a sort of file. I picked up the file and asked Karma to close her eyes to pick one! For a little joke, I said I need to mix them up..... I picked them up and shook the baggies! (I did say it was a "little joke" ) She closed her eyes and picked the Drunkards path.... we have decided to call it the DUI block.... (for those of you not in the U.S. DUI... means Driving Under the Influence, of alcohol or drugs) When you see the last picture, then you will understand where the block gets it's name.
Picture #1 is of the circle and square.... I forgot until we had the circle/squares put together to take pictures. You put a circle of fabric and one of fusible interfacing and stitch around the circle. Then cut a slit into the interfacing and turn right sides out. Round it up some and place in the center of the square and press. Then either by hand or machine; do a blanket stitch around the circle. Oh, also you will see that there are green squares w/yellow circles and vise/versa. We should of stitched the green circles with yellow thread... but we were being somewhat lazy and didn't change thread.... our bad!

Then you have to cut them into quarters... I'm telling you... that hurts... you get them in good shape (don't look closely... I know, I know.... now your really looking close aren't you!?!) and then you cut them up! What's up with that?
You then have to separate them into groups and then start laying them out into the pattern.
We don't have them sewn together yet... but they will be eventually. And this last picture is what the block will look like when it is done! So where it gets it's name?
I will try to take my camera each time and show you the different steps. We are getting together once a week to work on these. And of course, we get lots of gabbing done! What's not to like? What do you think? I sure won't be going into a quilting business anytime soon... but it's fun and her DH ( he is 92!) comes in to see what we are up too now and then... sometime I will have to take a picture of him... he looks like Santa Clause! He used to play Santa at a lot of the malls in his younger days.... back when he was in his 80's. It's too much for him to have the kids sit on his lap now... wears him out! Karma used to dress up as Mrs. Clause. That's all for now.... make sure your needles are sharp and the bobbin has thread!


Kristy said...

oh you quilters have far more patience than I ever will! But we all make the same mess in our sewing rooms don't we?

Jelly Wares said...

Wow!!! Now that sure is one great sewing/crafting/quilting space!!!

Great block!!! I can definitely see why it's called the DUI block... LOL!!!

Hugs - Jodie :)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hey I've made a couple quilts using that method. It's so fun and easy I love it.
Nice sewing room and tell Karma I want that name!!! I love it.

Jana @ Weekend Vintage said...

I'm always in awe of quilters....someday I will learn :)