March 8, 2010

A New Model Hits The Runway!

I started to get my act together and then... well I fell back into a slump again! Such is life sometimes.

I had to make a pattern for a pioneer bonnet.... o.k. well, I didn't really "have" to make a pattern. But, I decided that after seeing the one that I had access to was going to be a bit too hard for the girls/ladies making them (90 % not knowing how to sew and all) I thought maybe I could come up with a pattern that might be easier for the masses as they say!
So, 1st pic' is of it sewn together and then you tie the ribbon/yarn that shows at the bottom of the picture, and you get;


#3 on my shy model....

picture #4..... I bribed her..... 2 treats!!! Isn't she cute! LoL.... she wasn't very happy with me.... until of course the treats came out! Edit: The bonnet was also made of on hand materials! Yeah!

Now, we have a Valentine's table runner I'm still working on... about a week b/4 Valentine's I thought.... ohhhh I have some scraps from this cute V. print.... it would make a great runner... so awayyyy I went.... working away... doing fine.... and then yep! I got called away to do something else..... (hmmmm I wonder if it was babysitting???) Don't look too closely... this is of course the front... I used some scraps from the scrap basket and a lot of them were from DD#3's quilt from her wedding.
(I know, I know.... the other two DD's keep telling me how spoiled #3 is...)
They got quilts but not pieced! What can I say.... I had a bit more time with the last child home!

The back, I used scraps from the scrap basket... I think we have a theme going here.... red, red, white, and some black.

If you want you can click and enlarge... I've started to quilt it some.... I may be ripping it all out and starting again... I'm not all that happy with my work here! Once it's done then I will bind it with... you've got it.... scraps from the basket! Nothing like using what you have! This is made of nothing but things I already had in the sewing room.
Karma and I started to work on some wall hangings.... they are from a book about The Underground Railroads Quilts. Sorry can't recall the exact name at this time. She started this project with her dear and bestest friend Marjory years ago. Unfortunately her friend passed away several years ago and she didn't feel up to working on this by herself. They had cut out most of the fabric and we finished up with all but the background pieces last week. We spent about all day working on me cutting and she putting them into groups and marking them off the "list". We had to make a "list" because we were not sure where else to start otherwise! So, a "list" it was. Now those of you that know me... ahem, know that I'm not crazy about lists. Mostly because I have a tendency to stray from lists.... quite often. But, in this case I was actually the one that recommended this method. Otherwise, between the two of us.... we might not remember what went where when with all the whositts! I will try to give you some pic's as we work on these.... they are of all things 6 inch squares.... and there are 15 blocks plus one that is an information blog that tells all about where the project came from and the history of the Underground RailRoad.... or at least a tad bit about it. Karma doesn't see all that fantastically and I do alright most times.... but then again I will be happy when all the cutting it done! Talk about your cross-eyedness! Little numbers, and little pieces.... for example.... we have one piece that is for a Churn Dash block..... the skinny cross pieces are 7/8 inches x 24 b/4 you cut the length you need..... aughhhhh! Karma mentioned maybe we could paper piece all these blocks. But the patterns pieces were not available in a manner we could do that. So... no go! We shall over comeeeeee..... someday?
The bank branch that one of my DD's used to work at is going to be knocked down.... the building is really really old and in sad shape! So, they are moving the staff and the works to another bank building (one that went out of business a while back) temporarily until they can get the new one built. I went into the basement of the old branch with DD to pick up some old doors that she wanted.... a couple of 6 panel doors and one that is a bead board door. Really cool.... anyway we were told we could look around and see if there was anything else we wanted. I found some neat old safety deposit boxes..... all metal of course and brought them home... I'm a bit of a pack rat! I'm sure that I can find something to use them for. They really are neat. Several different sizes. I'll be right back! I need to take some pictures......

These are a few of the safety deposit boxes I got...... fun huh?

Not quite sure yet what to use them for.... if you have any idea's... let me know! Thanks....
As always....
Don't forget to turn the lights off before you leave the sewing room!

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