January 6, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New

So, I've been trying to catch up a few things before I jump into others that have been waiting! I finished one UFO last night, it's a handy take along ironing pad that I mentioned a while back! It has a nice size pad and then connected to it is an area that has zippered pockets you can put smaller items, bits and pieces of projects etc.... into. I was taken by it... if someone were going to take a sewing/quilting class it would be fun to take because you would already have your pressing area! I still have one to finish for me... but the one for my friend is finished.... finally!
I did some mending and have more to complete! Sometimes that can be never ending. I still need to finish up the binding on the quilt for the Bishops storehouse I started to work on while taking care of the grands in November! Just couldn't quite get to it all.... isn't it funny how when your at someone else's house... it's hard to be motivated?!? Although I did get some of it done.... there is maybe 3/4 to go! Heavy sighhhhhhh!
Also since DD#2 has a birthday coming I have a project that I also want to get done soon.... and then there is the challenge that I set for myself.... I still have 3 Christmas stockings that I haven't done..... (seems that I never remember until Christmas Eve.) So, I have given myself a challenge to finish these b/4 the end of January! Wish me luck!
I've been trying to sort out things to go to the Desert Industries also.... since we are having a trailer available this Friday/Saturday to pick things up. I've found a few things.... guess I best look a little harder. Now is a good time to look into your closets and see what you may have that your not using! I was reading somewhere and it said that if you take hangers of clothing that your not sure that you wear and turn them backwards... (the hangers that is) and they are still hanging that way in say 6 months.... these are the clothes that you need to give to charity! So basically you turn the hangers around so they are harder to take off the rod, and if you haven't turned them around get rid of them! Sounds simple enough! I just need to do it! Since I got so many new to me clothes from my friends daughter's house... there are things that I just don't wear as much. O.K. I can see what I need to do!
I also have a cute couple of pieces of corduroy that I bought for granddaughter.... cute stuff that I need to get to... not quite sure yet what to make... but that is a project in the works!
Gotta go.... projects are calling my name and I still need to get busy and work out! I've been quite lax in this department for a while!
Don't for get to make sure you pick up all the pins off the floor.... our 4 legged friends and the 2 legged little ones would find them quite interesting! Later.....

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