January 20, 2010

Checking Out How Outta Style I Really Am!

So my dear SIL and I went down to Salt Lake City (about a 30 minute or so drive) to go shopping at the Gateway Mall. It's a nice outdoor mall... with lovely shops close together and it has one of those fountains that water springs up out of the ground that the kids just love! Oh, and it has music playing while the kids run in and out trying not to get wet! Considering it was only in the 30's or low 40's that would be a good idea! The NOT getting wet idea!
We went into all sorts of places to just look and see what is happening in the fashion world! Not that I'm anywhere near fashionable at all! Which truly is o.k. with me... but I do try to see what is going on... and sometimes I add things to the wardrobe that actually fit in! One thing that we really noticed a lot of this year is "detail". I know your probably wondering what I'm talking about! What I mean is.... most all tops.... i.e. sweaters, blouses, shirts etc.... all have something added for detail! Some of them had fringe (there was a great sweater at Cold Water Creek that I really liked that had a fringe made of the same yarn as the sweater... but it wasn't just a loose yarn fringe.... it was doubled and then it was twisted upon itself! I thought it was a great touch! ) Some of them had flowers all up and over the collars/neckline. We saw a lot of collars that had ruffles on them also, not big fluffly ones.... but soft ones or two layers of thin lightweight type fabric ruffles. We saw scarfs that had little knots of something inside them.... not sure but I was thinking they were little puff balls of some sort. Some of the items had detail that were just extra fancy or pretty buttons. Of course, not everything out there appealed to us.... and that is just fine... if everyone liked everything out there it would be a pretty boring world!
One store we went into had really pale type tops (we supposed they were thinking Spring) but they were sooo pale, to me Spring has pizazz and ump! Not just lalalalala..... dull to me! Like a washed out something or other! Necklines were decorated with different fabrics... something that made the item "pop"! Some of the dresses (shifts as some call them, in the sleeveless variety) reminded me of the 60's styles. Which isn't too surprising because there was a lot of other 60's reminders too. Mostly Jackie Kennedy type stuff. We saw some great Spring light weight type jackets, or coats in lime greens and the color at one store was "orange"!!! So, I challenge you to go take a look at some of the stores near you to see what touches your fancy or not! And see if any of these "details" will be added to your sewing! I'm not yet sure how or what I will add.... we shall see!

Oh, no pic's but I have cut out all 3 Christmas stockings for my 2 little grands and my SIL... now to sew them and get them off the list of things to do b/4 the end of January! Also the project for a birthday to come is sitting and waiting too! Lots to do... DD#2 and I are going to start into water aerobics.... and maybe get DD#3 to get "on board"! I also mended/altered a few items... making more room in the sewing room and getting things off the sewing table! Oh, and watching Gilmore Girls DVD's in the process! Cute grandchild tidbit.... the other day when the family was over.... grandson was looking at the movies to see what he wanted to "rent" (borrow) from us and he grabbed a VHS movie and showed it to his mom.... mom said nope sorry bud, the VCR isn't working right now. He came back to me and told me mom says that the CTR isn't working! (for those of you who aren't members of the LDS church... CTR stands for Choose The Right; and it's the name of some of the primary (kids) classes, one of which grandson is a member) Cute! Always something to think about when the grands are around!

I went in last week to visit with our Stake President's councilor (one of our local Church leaders) and I was asked if I would head a group to get patterns, idea's and all for the clothing that people are to wear for the Pioneer Trek that the youth are going on this Summer. The youth, 14 to age 18 or 19 go up to Wyoming to an area that was where several Pioneer groups that made their way into Utah from Missouri with hand carts and some wagons pulled by people and some oxen. They basically do an reenactment. But they have to pull the hand carts (two wheeled carts with all their gear in them) to various sites. Then they have speakers tell them about different events that happened. Real histories of people who were on these treks. Taken from diaries. A lot of people died on these treks... in the past. So many people had to bury their family members along the way.... of course these treks now are on for two or 3 days. The youth go on these to help them to understand and grow from the testimonies these people left behind.
So, they will be wearing bonnets, skirts or pioneer dresses, pantaloons and aprons if they want (girls that is) and then the guys will wear pants that are NOT jeans, like dockers... or some such and then straw type hats... bandanna's, and old time shirts.... the shirt my DH wore when we went (about 5 or so years back) was an old twill shirt with the upper collar removed and then the lower collar restitched... guys can also wear belts or suspenders. Anyway lots to do to get things ready so I best finish up here. Enjoy your week! DH has jury duty so he is busy too... although, I think he would rather be at work so as to not get behind there!
Take care..... don't forget to put all the pattern pieces back into the envelope! Nothing like opening up a pattern to find out you have lost a piece!

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