January 14, 2009

Miss Me? I Really Wasn't That Far Away!

Hello there... miss me? Your probably just to busy to do that! Seems January comes and we try to get everything done that we were too busy to do during the holidays. At least that's what happens in my life! The tree is down, your saying to yourself... what tree is she talking about??? You know, the beautifully fragrant one that we put up the end of November. The one I almost never have the heart to take down after Christmas. But, dear hubby decided to take pity on me and took off all the decorations and put them away (well at least into containers... it's not like he really knows where they go) in the downstairs bedroom so I can put them away "later". Hmmm, is it "later" yet??? Nope! There they sit on the bed waiting for "later". The tree went outside, and is leaning up agains't the fence waiting for DH to take off branches and sometime make it into a walking stick! Yep, that's his way of recycling them! Nice hmmm!

So, here it is the 11th and I've finally gotten out to see what kind of sales there are still left for Christmas stuff! Not bad, if I were really looking for anything to buy. I found some good deals, plus on some soon to be birthday presents too... but, we won't go there because sometimes a ( soon to be) birthday girl I know would know what she was getting. Don't want to spoil anything now do we?

My SIL and I took my MIL out for lunch today, Olive Garden, she likes it so that's where we go most of the time. I do like a chance but my FIL doesn't like pasta so when he isn't with us she wants pasta!

Speaking of pasta, I got a great pasta maker from our kids for Christmas and now I just need to figure out how to use it. I took a pasta class last Fall so now I need to put all those great recipes to work! My SIL Tammy wasn't able to go to the class, so I went to the pasta class and she went to the sauce class! We just need to type up the recipes and switch!

Nothing really in the sewing department much today... except that when I dropped off my MIL at home, my FIL asked if I would alter a couple of his button up the front shirts for him. Hmmmm... that will go into the pile. I have to finish altering a couple dresses for daughter #2 and a pair of pants for SIL #3.... a mother's work is never done! Even when they don't live at home anymore!
Don't forget to get your scissors sharpened! You will regret it later if you don't get it done soon! I know I will!

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