January 5, 2009


Hmmmm, much better! I had a Mandarin orange and I have a cup of hot peppermint tea... my hands and my runny nose are very grateful! I figure that since I'm still working on the "laundry" I may as well finish this post of "things completed" and get it "completed" too!

I made a skirt for my DIL, from McCall's 3341 (2001), and had to fuss with it a bit, since many people (i.e. most of my daughters ages etc...) don't wear skirts/pants on the actual waistlines any more... it's a bit of a challenge because sometimes I forget to do an actual measurement for that area below the waist, plus you need to remember how far belong the waist they like things to fall also! I keep telling myself that some day, one day... I may actually sew a straight pattern, you know, one without any alterations at all! Hmmm, that will be the day! So, the skirt other than remembering that I needed to follow thru and do it like I mentioned above... this skirt was pretty much cut and dried! Yeahhhh! So, then of course I thought, why not make a jacket to go with it... (this will be a future project) and when I mentioned this to my SIL she thought maybe a vest would be better, quicker too? What do you think? My DIL works in a business office, so do you think she would get more use from a vest that matches the skirt? Or a jacket? Although, if you go see the jacket , you may change your mind!

One project that I didn't really do much anything different, (other than material difference's) is a sweet little jumper for my "granddaughter"... (I do love saying that... and if you get tired of me saying it... just let me know! Oh, and by the way... I do dearly love my little grandson's too!!! Although, sometimes little girls are just more fun to sew for!) The jumper... from this Vogue 7957...http://www.voguepatterns.com/web/shop.cgi?search=7957&TI=20001&M=&pageSize=9&s.search.all.x=15&s.search.all.y=16

turned out really cute! I used a brushed type fleece for it. Super soft! And then on the appliques, I used a cotton print for the largest flowers, and pink, then white fleece for the smaller ones. To finish up I put a cute little button for the center of each flower, oh, and I also used the same cotton print (it's a 30's print) for the interfacing. My DD was happy! And she even asked me if I had made it??? Well, Duhhhh? (Sorry DD... it just slipped out!) I told my kids years ago that I wouldn't use that expression... and now I find myself using it now and again! Basically I told my kids that I wouldn't like them to use it because it seemed somewhat derogatory! So, I tried not to use it at all! I guess that's what happens when you get older... we fall apart at the seams!!! LoL
Then after I finished everything that I did get finished... I cut out a jumper for me! It's McCall's 9566, but, yet again... no picture because it's from 1998! O.K. I really need to learn to scan pictures etc... I guess I really need a tutorial! Help!!!! Anyone out there who would like to send me a site to help me out it would be greatly appreciated! Basically the jumper I'm making for me is a rounded neck with a slash at the neckline in front! I found a beautiful brushed mock-suede... (I know the name of the stuff... it just won't come to mind!)
All cut out, the only thing left is the hem and side seams. Seems to good to be true! Hmmmm, what's wrong with this jumper??? It's gone together far too easy... there must be something wrong, or maybe I just lucked out and maybe my dream will come true of an item that is just from the patterns... nothing much to alter? Well, I did alter it a bit... I'm still a bit bigger than the pattern I had so I changed the seam allowance's (I would have cut it larger, but to be honest I was tired the night I cut it out and didn't take it into consideration! Sighhhhh!) So, I guess it just goes to show... that I really need to keep busy with the exercise and weight loss! I've lost 23 pounds so far! O.K. so I put 3-4 pounds back on during the holidays!!!! It will be gone soon enough! I need to work on it! Although, it's not something I concentrate every waking moment about!
So, hmmmm.... onto finishing up my projects!
Oh, just a quick note: Just wanted you all to know that while I was making these different projects... including the ones that I still need to finish up, all of the material that I used including the quilt for my SIL/Hubby (except the quilt back!) was from my stash!!!! Yep, that's right! I didn't buy any fabric at all for these projects! I was soo happy to get to use up some of these. And the nice thing was... it just makes more room for other things (hmmm I see a trip to the fabric store in my future.... LoL!)
Have a Happy Monday everyone! Yeah..... tomorrow is Tuesday!!!!!!
Try to work on those UFO's....

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Heather Espejo said...

aaaahhhh mom...i guess I am just going to have to grab you and make you sit down so i can show you how to use this technology at your finger tips.
Luv ya.