June 23, 2014

Still Alive And Kicking

Well, I had a post back in May that the computer ate... so here I am starting all over again.

So in the past oh year I suppose I've been working on these blocks 5 inch black and red and white or mixture there of in the middle and anything goes on either side.  Would you believe I've made over 360 of these! Yep, now just to decide how to lay them out. I may end up using sashing around some of the pieces blocks.... I will probably lay them out into 4 square settings. It will all depend what kind of design I decide on. 
Also my DH and I have been attending a few meetings for a Pioneer Trek we are going on in July at Martins Cove in Wyoming. This will be the 2nd time we are there together this time as a Ma and Pa, where in the past we were there as cooks. I also went one time without DH. So, I'm in the process of re-figuring my pioneer clothing, taking in under the bust of one of my dresses. I'm adding some elastic so it fits a bit better.... better than the sack look it's had in the past. Of course I wore an apron over it so that helped the appearance in the past, but I felt it needed a revamp. I will probably have to post pictures later as I don't have any of us together in pioneer clothing. If you would like to read more about what Martins Cove, Wyoming please go check out Wikipedia's entry: 

It's birthday's, Father's Day month around here... DD's birthday was the 2nd week of June and then DH turned 60 last week and we had a family party on Friday for him. We bar-b-qued outside with the grands helping out by hitting the birthday boy with silly string and also blowing party blowers to add to the fun. Home made strawberry shortcake was on the menu as always, since this is the birthday boys favorite birthday dessert. He will eat angle food cake with strawberries on it but much rather prefers home made short cake. 
As a special surprise since it was his 60th, our youngest daughter made an extra effort to secure letters from friends and family with special messages for the birthday boy. Stories about him were forthcoming and really fun to see his face light up when he read stories from friends thought long lost!  She found friends that we had while in the Navy and they shared different stories with her. One friend sent a picture of DH in his Yokosuka Seahawks Football uniform. These were all great reads.

One more thing, I finally got DD's the youngest quilt put together the old quilt top from her great gramma, Nana. Still need to machine quilt it. I'm not fantastic at machine quilting so it won't be anything amazing. But hopefully it will help keep it together.
Have a Wonderful July 4th! God Bless America!!!

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