April 30, 2011

On With The Jumper Saga...

I got myself over to Lois's house and had her try on the jumper. The bodice at least at the bust isn't too big... it's just the shoulders are a bit too long, so I need to take them up a little and then in the back.... I need to take it in just a smig at the top of the zipper area. But since I have to take out the zipper to do all this anyway, I'm going to replace it with a longer zipper to make it easier for her to get into. My friend Lois is going to be 91 this year... and what ever I can do to make life a tad bit easier for her, I'm going to try to do it! The front has a little bit of a sagginess in it... not a lot so I may try to do a little gather stitch.... to see if this will do what it needs to take care of the problem. It's not much, but since the neck is rounded it draws attention to it not being nice and crisp! If you know what I mean.... basically it also needs to be taken in a little bit... only like 1/2 inch at the very top down to like a 1/2 inch in length. Hard to explain... guess I should have taken pictures. But then, I'm not too sure she would have wanted me to post pic's of her on my blog.
Ooops.... I need to let the dog into the house!
Hope your Saturday night is enjoyable... and your Sunday is very nice too!

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