March 12, 2011

March! So What Happened To January?

I know that I posted in February... but what happened to January? Do you really want to know? I've been a bit pre-occupied with a certain grand daughter..... the newest little member of our family I got to go visit in January when she was only 3 weeks old... And then again about 3 weeks ago I went with my DH, 2 of our DD's and our only other DGD.

new little Kate;

Oldest DGD Grace.... with little Kate

Grampa is infatuated with Kate... I think she sorta likes him too, I mean if you can be sooo comfortable that you fall asleep in their arms.... it's a given!
DD holding her "neice"... mommy to Grace. I think she sorta likes Kate too.... well, I mean really what's not to like!
We had this picture taken when Kate was Blessed at Church a few weeks back. Part of the family... our youngest DD in the back and yep that's me in front next to our son Ben and his wifie.....
But in the mean time, you know b/4 all these going's on.... I made this for the above picture/event.

And of course, you need a slip to go underneath it all!

Here is the little princess. Oh, when I took this picture (sorry it's turned wrong) someone called Kate a princess and then later DGD (the older went out to her mom and said, (imagine this with a pouty little voice and lip) "Mommy, I want to be a princess!" Too Cute!

O.K. and just so you know I wasn't just messing around not doing anything in between sewing and all, on Valentines Day I asked the 3 grandkids who live here in the state to come play and make Sugar Cookies with me! Look at all the fun we had!!!

We made all sorts of cookies.... I just forgot to take pic's of the frosted ones! And of course, the eating!!!!

This is Wyatt; he wasn't really into making cookies... so he went to play with the dog and everything else... but the rest of us enjoyed all the fun!

The weather keeps calling out "Spring, Spring".... but then low and behold.... we get more snow!
Earlier this week we got around 5-6 inches (during the middle of the night) of the pretty wet white stuff..... (I love listening to it snow!) and before the end of the day.... yep it was all pretty much melted! Gooo figure! Well, the resevours are getting filled and that is a good thing... we will need this water later in the year...
In the mean time there is more sewing going on! Pictures later!
Don't forget to clean out all the little dusty, fuzzy stuff that is going on inside your machine...

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