September 7, 2010

Talk About Fast Service

O.K. for those of you in the U.S. we all know that yesterday was a holiday. Labor Day weekend is the last full on weekend of Summer! And well, as weekends go it was a good one, shopping, dinner with some of the family and well.... more shopping! What's not to like? I have to tell you about the service we got.... talk about fast... I'm almost speechless! And if you know me, it takes an awful lot to hush me up! So DH has been after me since about Wednesday last week to please order him a pair of new tennis shoes (sports shoes... hey, they are white/navy and have a tread for traction.... that's why I call them tennis shoes.... not that he plays tennis... just how I am!). So teasingly every time he would see me, (even if I came back into the room after being gone for a few minutes.....) he would ask me.... did you order my shoes yet? And so on and so forth..... So, yesterday being a Holiday as I said, I placed an order.... the operator told me well since this is a holiday they will ship tomorrow, and be there no later than Wednesday! Yeah! Next time DH sets eyes on me..... (you know the question..... insert here!) I could say, Yes! This a.m. I get an e-mail saying that the shoes shipped out at 1:30 a.m. this morning. I thought, nice... DH will be happy to know that they are on the way! I told him b/4 he left for work this a.m. (yes, I checked my e-mail early this a.m.) Anyway.... that being said, I told DH and he was quite happy leaving for work! At 10:15 a.m. the door bell rings, I figure it's my company, albeit a bit early...... Nope! It's the UPS truck! He has just delivered a box! And yes! It's the shoes that I ordered from Zappo's! I couldn't believe it! I mean it hadn't even been 24 hours and they were here already! Just what we ordered, talk about fast! WOW!!!!!! I must say, I'm very impressed by the speed of their service! I didn't have to pay shipping! Just so you know..... I'm getting nothing besides the satisfaction of knowing that their shipping/service department is totally awsome! Just thought I would past that little tidbit along!
More later.....
Edit: Bye the way honey...... I ordered your shoes!!!! Oh, and then.... when we found out that the size we ordered were wayyyy to big!!!! I reordered a smaller size! Done! They will probably be here tomorrow night! LoL....
Edit: Here we go again! This time the shoes were shipped even faster! They were shipped at around 3:00 a.m. Kentucky time and got here b/4 10:00 a.m. Utah time! And on top of that instead of charging our credit card again; and then giving us a refund when the other shoes were returned.... no.... the gal says to me..... "I will just transfer your $$$ over to the other pair of shoes, so we don't have to charge your card again!" Really? Wow.... I can't tell you how very impressed I am. Plus like I said above..... no shipping charges either way! O.K. this type of service, just doesn't happen. I mean, they are seriously making an effort! It's working for me!
Goooooo Zappo!!

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Jodie said...

Now that sure is awesome service!!!

Enjoy the last few glimpses you have left of Summer, I'm sure you're looking forward ot hte cooler months to come..

Hugs - Jodie :)