December 18, 2008

Down To The Wire.

O.K. so it's only December 18, 2008 and I have a few more projects to finish... my DH asked me what else "we" could work on! I kinda laughed and mentioned it seems that the "me" in "we" always gets more than my share of the projects! DH's little sis Caroljean got married last weekend and the "me" in this "we" got her quilt done on Friday.... the night before the wedding! Thanks to my oldest DD in the help with the tie-ing of the quilt! It would have been great to either machine quilt it or have it machine quilted... but it was sooo thick I would have had to kill my self when I was thru and the machine quilting people would have shot me as soon as they got it done... So, safer to tie it! And they loved it so all in all... we did all right! Funny thing, after the wedding (some of the family... my DH's side) stayed to help with the clean up etc... (it was at the home of my BIL, which was very nice of him to do) and I went to go get my coat.... ahem, the coat that was left in the closet was wool... that's the only similarity with my coat that it had going for it! Wrong size, color, style... just not mine!!!! So, one of the host's said Oh, well so and so had a wool coat maybe it was her who took yours by mistake. So, for the rest of the evening and part of the next day I tried to get a hold of a gal that my SIL works with. Finally, I got a hold of her! No such luck, she mentioned someone else! Even gave me a phone number! I got a hold of this new person..... No Such Luck again! By Monday, I figure that if I get a hold of the bride (now hang on.... the bride/groom only took one day together away.... cause they knew Christmas was coming and they both had kids at home!) she would know someone who might have taken it! O.K. so now the ball was in Carol's court! The next day... Tuesday, she calls me back and says.... "I know who ended up with your coat!" She said, this person... sorry I forgot the name, grabbed it as she was going out the door and probably didn't look. Now, I live in Utah, my coat on the other hand is in California!!!! Too Funny! When I told one of my daughters about what happened and that it was found and where... she said, "Oh, mom wouldn't it be fun if your coat could talk and tell about it's adventure!" I just now thought, if the coat could talk, it wouldn't have ended up in California! It would have just said, "Hey Lady, I'm not your coat! Put me back!" It would be fun to write a story about it though!

O.K. well I'm pretty sure that my DIL doesn't read my blog.... she is a pretty busy person.... work and school. She is finishing her Masters!
So, that means I can tell you about what I did last night! I pulled an all-nighter, working on a project for my DIL.... and hopefully I will get it into the mail as soon as I'm done here. I made her a skirt! You know how things go... when you want to finish something, it's never fails... things mess up, my machine would run out of thread, it would tangle up.... then when I put the zipper in it was a bit of a mess.... only when your trying hard to finish! But yes, it's done! Now... onto a couple more projects... I will post pictures a bit later... really I will. I still have pic's of the wedding and the quilt too!
I also need to cut out and sew p.j. pants (matching of course!) for my two little grandson's! And something for my granddaughter (I love saying that!) too!
Gotta go! Oh, DH did work on a project... he cut and smoothed (I will explain that choice of word in a minute) a bunch of wooden blocks for our oldest grandson! O.K. you have to picture this.... my DH made wooden blocks for grandson #1.... I asked if he was going to sand them? His reply was, "No, he needs to toughen up his hands." LoL.... so about an hour later I was into the "workshop" and find him on the floor with each block he is using the cement floor as his sanding machine! He would take a block and rub it on all sides and knocking off the corners a bit so that they would be smooth! Too funny! So much for the tough old grandpa... guess that #1 will have to figure out another way to toughen his hands.... (he's only 3!)
Gotta go..... I know, I said that b/4! But, this time I mean it! We both know that I could go on for..... ever!

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Kristy said...

wow you are busy, even your post sounds frantic! I'm just relaxing on my lounge in ridiculous southern hemisphere heat but I am eating some of your choc mint cookies - that recipe is delicious!