March 10, 2020

Is Anybody Out There?

Hard to believe is has been so terribly long since I last posted. I think sometimes loss does that. It changes things, and we move onto other more important things in our lives.
I've been working on a few items here and there. Some for me and some for others. Alterations of wedding dresses and a few items of mending for our family and others. I found myself working on a project or two that I just can't get into. Have you ever had that happen? You know, something you have taken on for someone else; and it's hard to get past a certain point with any type of enthusiasm at all?  I'm in the middle of one of those. I really need to get it done!!! And out of my sewing room. I think even the dog has decided it needs to be done! It's almost like she doesn't want to be in here with me while I'm in such an indecisive mood. I get that.  Its Winter and cold in our basement, which is where my sewing room is. I have an extra heater, which I only plug in when I'm in here. We have seen too many fires of late where a electric portable heater has been involved. One of our friends lost their sweet dog in their fire. So sad. But, that has been a couple years now and they rebuilt. But, you know... it touches you.
O.K., on to some sewing thoughts. I cut out McCall's M7348  which from looking on-line on the McCall's patterns site  has been changed to M8062. Why do they do that??? Sure makes it hard to find. Anyway, this pattern is a learn to sew pattern, easy peasy... But since I knew I was going to change it up anyway I got this one for the basic pattern pieces.

So, I like the basic's, as I've said. Just wanted a bit more definition to the higher waist. So I did things a bit unconventionally. Since I'm a bit shorter than some; I'm 5 foot 4 inches....  I just took up a 3/4 of an inch just a bit under the bust line then proceeded to add elastic in the casing I had made. I cut out view E then added the 3/4 length sleeves. It gets cold here in Utah...  I probably should have cut out the medium instead of the large thinking it might be too baggie. Though, I also don't care to have super tight clothing on either. But at some point in my late night cutting I cut out the large. I suppose I can take in the seams if I need too. Still needs hems on the sleeves and the bottom of the dress. I'm not one to care for the hanker-chief hem-line on me at least, so that is why I went with the view I did.  It has turned out nicely. I will have to take a picture of the dress on my manikin and add to this post when I think of it. 
For now that's all. It is trying to be Spring around here, so there are things to do besides sewing. Although, since we work with the young single adults of our Church, there seem to be lots of weddings going on... yesterday we received another wedding announcement, making that 4 that we need to get projects done their gifts. I usually try to add some type of personal item in a basket of home made items for the bride and groom. Generally I embroider  Mr & Mrs (then their last name) and the year they are married continuously across the bottom of a dish towel or two. I do some canning still and add recipes with the Home made chunky applesauce for apple crisp, and then with the Home made Pasta Sauce I add a couple of different ways to use it. Also adding maybe a pie plate (to make the apple crisp in) and usually some noodles of some sort to use with the pasta. Throw it into a small container of some sort... (I go to the local D.I. if I have run out of containers/baskets to pick something up inexpensively) put clear plastic gift wrap around it with a bow and make a card out of their announcement and it's done.  When you get invited to a lot of weddings (which like I say since we work with the young single adults), I like to come up with something nice but not budget breaking.
Alright, if you have a project that hasn't been moving along like you think/thought it should... go pull it out. Find your motivation... it's hard sometimes to continue. But I project completed is much easier to move out of your sewing space, then one that still has need of finishing. Good luck. Don't forget to change out your sewing machine needle. 

October 28, 2017

These two wonderful people are my parents. They have spent 55 years and 5 months married to each other. Wednesday, my father passed from this mortal earth and went home to his Heavenly Father. He was my Hero! He married my mother even though she had two kids. He loved us even when we made mistakes. He encouraged not only my brother and I, but our spouses and our children. Our grandchildren became his great grandchildren. In the past little while one of our grandchildren decided to make my parents his pen-pals. They have been writing letters back and forth full of wonderfully loving thoughtful things to each other. My dad will be missed not only by our entire family, but by his friends, neighbors and fellow Church goers. He and mom went on 6 missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to places such as Scotland, Thailand, Russia. While traveling to and from these places they stopped at other places to visit. So they went to New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Korea. The did a lot of good while on these missions, serving others and helping spread the word about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Thank you dad and your eternal companion mom for all you have done for us, and our family.
You are truly a great example to us all. See you in the Eternities. 

March 28, 2017

Here We Go Again Trying To Play Catch Up...

So much has happened in the last 7 months. Fall was lovely, we had a nice Thanksgiving; time spent with family is always lovely. Then in December things got rather hard. My father in law's health started to slide down hill. He had a bad fall the end of November and didn't really overcome that much at all. Our son and family were here for Christmas and until the first part of the year. Then hmmm, our daughter and family had an accident on their way home from a New Years gathering. Totaled their car and to honest they were blessed to have come out of it all with just a small problem with my son in laws foot. No other injuries. If you had seen what we saw... you would understand. They missed a cement culvert or two if I recall. Then the car landed between two huge power poles. Almost like they were parallel parking. Some how the car slid up the guide lines to one of these poles and they dropped down.... breaking the guide line. No other cars were involved.... it was icy and son in law isn't sure if he possibly fell asleep at the wheel. No drinking was involved. Fortunately all were alright. It happened not more than 6 or so blocks away and the police/fire were there when we came. The police and firemen were soooo kind with the kids/grand-kids. So sweet! They gave the 3 grands a teddy bear and two blankets. And told the kids, that cars can be replaced, but family can't! And that everything would be ok.
Two weeks later, my father in law passed away. He was a wonderful man. We miss him. But we also know that he is with his two wives (he was married to one at a time.... lol). And they are all happy to be together.
My husband has a large family of siblings; 9 in total. It is a blended family, 5 from his dad and mom and 4 from his step moms (we always called her mom) family. So a brother in law came up with the idea that after the funeral we would have people put their names on things that they would like to have. Siblings topped any grandchildren and if there were more than one name on an item, then their names got put into a hat and who's ever name was drawn out that's who got it. It worked out quite well and I believe everyone is happy with the results. We have sorted out their home (with help from all the siblings in the area) and it seems sooo surreal to realize that we won't be going back to that place to visit any more.
He was 93 and had a good long life. We miss you dad, love you too. Sorry, this picture isn't all that great, I need to find one to scan into the blog. We have a good one... it's just everything takes time right. 
More to come. 

September 19, 2016

Fall Is Here.....

So happy Fall has finally come. Seems Summer came in HOT... and stayed that way forever!!!

I've been busy this Summer doing wedding dress alterations for some of the YSA  (young single adults at church) gals... who after I was done with the alterations... no longer fit in that category. Lol
The last dress I did (I have a couple of pictures, but no permission to use them... from the professional photographer) was a beautiful lace dress, very similar to this dress on this site;

The only difference is we opened the v-neck a little bit and took the back of the neck down about 1 1/2-2 inches. Oh, and it also had short sleeves.  And shortened the dress from like the waist about 2 3/4 inches. Since the dress had lace appliques that were about 14 inches tall at the hem of the dress we took it up at the waist line. Which because of the fact that the lace and the lining were separate made it somewhat easier to do.
I released the appliques all around the waistline area of the lace outer dress. Which was tricky because 1. they were sewn on with clear top thread and matching bottom thread... with very little machine stitches. And 2. There was no actual waistline to begin with. So, we didn't want a line to show where we had made the changes.  Not sure my eyes will ever be the same! LoL....  I got the waist brought up and then since I brought it up... that area was a tad bit bigger and so I also had to take in the extra fullness. I re-positioned the appliques trimming here and there to cover the the now seam I had made to raise the waist. The lining fortunately was easy because I could just take up the hem on the bottom edge. Because I planned to take out some of the fullness at the waist in the back, I was lucky because the light weight bridal tulle they used to put the lace appliques on was a bit stretchy I was able to remove buttons and loops and take it in on each side an inch with out a lot of difficulty. The only real problem being I reattached the loops before I looked to remind myself which side which went on.... yep, you know it!!!! I put the loops on the wrong side and was starting to resew the buttons on (there were like 50 of them) when I remembered I was going to check a pattern first. Oh, and I had to remove all of the buttons because when the dress maker made this dress.... buttons were sewn on with one continuous thread... stitch once thru and then onto the next button. Soooo they all were loose when I removed a couple to lower the back neck line. Yep.... just my luck! LoL...
I got all the buttons back on, adding extra stitching to the button that would hold up the bustle. My arms and shoulders were very tired when I finished at around 2:00 a.m. I placed the lace and the lining on my dress dummy.... and figured out how much of the lining at the neck I needed to alter. Cutting with 1/2 inch seam allowance to fold inside because the lining had a double lined top and bottom that by then.... I was no wanting to take completely apart.  I folded the neck line seam allowance inside and top stitched the entire neckline. I did a 2nd line of stitching to make sure it was completely flat and secure. Did the lining hem, and I was completely done. Yeah! It was beautiful on her and since her wedding was in another state and mom and bride wouldn't see each other until the week before the wedding.... it would have been a real hassle for her mom and friend to get the work done. She had to try it on a couple of times, which she would not have been able to do from outta state (mom was sooo happy we got it done and probably glad she didn't have to do it). Lots of stress on my end... but I'm glad I was able to help out. I told her to count it as her wedding present from my hubby and I. Believe me when I tell you I got an amazing hug when it was all done! :)

July 19, 2016

Be The Good

So with all that's been going on lately I guess I feel it's time to speak up. My heart weeps for all the people who have lost loved ones lately. It seems people have forgotten how to love their fellow human beings. My prayers go to all those who are mourning the loss of friends/loved ones/acquaintances/neighbors. I hope that some day soon we can all look outside ourselves and try to BE THE GOOD in the world. Help your neighbors.... look around you, there is a lot of GOOD in this world. Let's just try harder to be part of it.

Lately there has been lots of alterations going on.... for my family, friends and just people I know from Church that are soon to be married. It's so cool to see the permagrin on their faces when you find out that they are soon to be married! Their smiles make me feel like there truly are happy people still in the world. Spread the joy, love and smiles people. As hard as life is right now; there are still a lot of wonderful things to smile about.
Sooo yes, I've been working on altering wedding dresses, suit pants etc.... and it's cool to see their faces when it's all done and they are that much closer to their wedding day. One couple I know are like at less then 20 days.... and they can hardly stand it! For all these young single adults in our ward at Church I try not to charge them anything for alterations.... they have enough on their budgets. I just tell them that this is their wedding present from me and my dear hubby.  LoL....
Guess I will try harder to post every now and again so if anyone is out there.... take care. Hang in there, remember that you are loved!
Don't forget to check your bobbin!

October 27, 2015

Does Life Ever Hand You Too Many Time Challenges?

     Sometimes life can get busy, not necessarily things you want to do; just things you need or have to do! You know what I mean, well like taking the car in for it's yearly inspection or dropping off/picking up the dry cleaning (which honestly we don't have much off at all which is why it's weird to remember to do it!). These things have to be done and well.... I'm the one that needs to do them because I have more available time to do it. O.K., now let me put this in perspective..... my life seems like it's been this way since February! Orrrrr maybe it's that I just didn't have anything to post about. That's probably the honest truth... plus, I haven't been very organized with my time this past year. So, now it's late in the year and I need to get going.
     My granddaughter and I have started a project that I hope we will have done by Christmas. Her other grandma  has a quilt business. She and a couple of her daughters  sew, hand quilt, and sell quilts at quilt shows, local and not soo local fairs etc.  I have a batch of beautiful Fallish (is that a word? by the look of my spell check it is not! Not to worry, this isn't going to be made into a book!) colored flannels I have been saving for a while to make a huge Ragg quilt with. Actually there is plenty of fabric to make several (depending on the size of course). Soooo, what to do, what to do!  Let's make granddaughters grandma's (me included.... although, I will be making that one myself.... granddaughter will have enough to do making the other grandma's quilt) a quilt! Let's just say.... she was delighted! When her dad kind of scratched his head about why his MIL would be making his mom a quilt, she told him... in no uncertain terms. Dad...... grandma makes quilts for everyone!!! And she sells them too. She needs a quilt for herself! One she didn't make! So grandma and I are making one for her! Enough said; the fact that granddaughter is happy to do this.... makes it all worthwild!
Pictures will be forthcoming.
It's coming up on a busy sewing  time of year for a lot of people, make sure your scissors are sharp and you have plenty of pins, needles and thread. It's sew much easier to get projects done if you don't spend your entire sewing time at the fabric shop because you forgot something. Have fun whatever you are sewing.

February 17, 2015

Don't Be So Hard On Yourself; Life Is A Learning Process

     You know, sometimes most times we can be our own worst enemy.  I had my hair cut and colored the other day. When my daughter (who works at a bank and has her beauty license) asked me how much I wanted cut I just sat there. I was at best wishy-washy. So, she did that thing she does so well; she took it into her own hands. She cut my hair in what I would refer to as a bob. Ever since I was a little girl of around 6 every Summer my gramma would cut my hair in a bob  (or as they called it then a Sassoon)
It was easier to take care.... wash and go! And I lived in the swimming pool at the trailer park where we lived. At the time all my friends, sported long, beautiful hair.... that's what I wanted.... to keep my long hair and continue to grow it out. Not so thought my mom.... less work for the both of us. And so it went. Fast forward to 2015. I have cut my hair, off and on for years. I get it just to the point where it's about to my shoulders and then I get this itch.... off it goes! So, this past week after I had it cut I was a bit dubious about my hair this time. It looked nice, I just wasn't sold yet! I walked myself through a compliment. (Come on now, you've done this right?) And the first thing I found myself doing was making light of the look I now sported. I made some comment like; yeah, I was outside and got my head caught in the lawn mower. Soooo, what I'm saying is.... Why Do We Do This? Most people give compliments genuinely. If they don't mean it; they aren't going to say it. Think about it; do you give someone a compliment ( a real one that is) and not really mean it? Why bother if you don't mean it? And so it goes. Look yourself in the eye (best use a mirror) and practice learning how to take a compliment graciously. If someone tells you that you look nice orrrrr they like what you have done with your hair, except it and thank them! It really does feel nice when someone says something nice to you. If you have sewn a new dress/top/pants (whatever) and you have done your best. Then for Heavens Sake, use your manners and thank the people who think you did a good job.  Don't sit there and point out the mistakes that you think that you have made. To be honest; that will be-little their compliment. Through all the years that I have been sewing, most people who don't sew and even some who do never notice the mistakes.  So what if you made a few mistakes; we all make them. To someone who doesn't sew.... you have accomplished nothing short of a miracle. Also, if you are trying to bring in sewing customers, pointing out your mistakes is just a quick way to loose customers.
Jess from The Sewing Rabbit or
wrote this post on Sewing Is My SuperPower. Check it out! She did a fantastic job.

Basically I guess what I'm saying (because Jess inspired me with her great post) is, the
world can be hard enough on us. Let's not be so hard on ourselves. Look for the good in what you do/are. If you have sewing talent; use it if you like. If not find something else that excites you. Life is a learning process.... and as far as I know; we aren't going to be graded on a curve!  ;)

Oh, and once you have found your talent..... try sharing it or time with someone else. It's a win-win situation.